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Infill schemes on estates

Infill schemes - past consultation

Bancroft TMO - Consultation with residents carried out on Thursday 12 & Saturday 14 October 2017. 

Hanbury Street - Consultation with residents carried out on Wednesday 15 & Saturday 18 November 2017.

Shetland Road - Consultation with residents carried out on Thursday 7 & Saturday 9 December 2017.

One of the ways we build homes is to develop them as part of existing housing estates. We have identified four such sites in the borough which will provide more new affordable homes for local families by spring 2018:


When building homes on existing estates, the council ensures it spends time talking to existing residents about its plans. Initial consultation drop-in events took place in summer 2015 for all four sites. The feedback from local residents helped the architects prepare the initial design proposals.

A second series of consultation events took place in January 2016, so residents could see how their views helped shape the design proposals and provide further feedback.

A third set of drop-in sessions took place in March 2016 so residents could view the latest designs and how they had changed since January's events.

A final set of events for residents to view the finished designs took place in May, before the submission of planning applications.

Proposed infill schemes

All four of the schemes are proposed to have:

  • 100 per cent affordable homes for rent – so the properties are affordable for local people on the council’s housing waiting list;
  • A mixture of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes – to meet the needs of a wide range of families and households;
  • 10 per cent of the homes will be wheelchair accessible;
  • All the homes will be built to modern housing standards including energy efficiency;
  • The homes will be attractively designed, maximising light into the homes;
  • The developments will be designed to ensure they fit with, respect and complement the existing estate and local environment;
  • The developments will minimise the loss of open space and, in some cases, provide new additional open space; and
  • The developments will be built in a way that minimises disruption for local residents and only using contractors who are part of the ‘Considerate Contractor Scheme’.

The proposed timeline for this programme is:


August 2015

January 2016

March 2016

 May 2016

July 2016


Winter 2017

Spring 2019

Resident   consultation Stage 1


Site   introduction

Resident consultation
Stage 2


Design   development

Resident consultation
Stage 3


Design update

Resident consultation
Stage 4


Final designs

Submit planning applications

Expected planning decisions

Start on site

Expected completion

Consultation materials

For more detail on each of the four schemes, please click on the links below:

Baroness road

Hereford estate

 Jubilee street

Locksley estate D

Locksley estate A

Frequently asked questions

For further information, please contact Laura Duncan, Resident Liaison officer on 020 7364 5015 or council.newbuild@towerhamlets.gov.uk.