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Delivering 2,000 new council homes

We’re committed to having 2,000 new council homes in delivery by 2022. These genuinely affordable homes will include properties big enough for families. One in ten will be wheelchair accessible.

At just eight square miles, space to build in Tower Hamlets is in short supply. We’re making the most of land that we already own, including buildings no longer used as they once were.

We’re also identifying ‘infill’ sites on existing estates. When we build on those sites, we make sure that 25 per cent of the homes are prioritised for those already living on the estate.

We won’t reach 2,000 homes with just the big developments, smaller projects are vital too.

We're already well on the way to our target. You can read more about the different developments below. 

You can also nominate a place in the borough that you feel might make a good site for new homes using our Build Here tool.