Joining the housing List

Who can join the housing list?

Normally, you can join the housing list unless:

  • people with no local connection. A local connection is defined as living in the borough continuously for three years at the time of registration
  • applicants with a history of bad behaviour
  • people earning a high salary (a sole or joint gross income of £85,000 per year)
  • homeowners.

Every application will be considered on its own merits. We will consider all circumstances before making a final decision on eligibility for the housing list.

How to join the housing list

You can download a housing list application form or alternatively contact us to have one sent to you. For more information please view our allocations scheme page.

Please also see our Privacy Notice about how we handle and process your data.

Complete the application form. If you need help or advice to complete it, please contact the lettings team - details at the bottom of this page, or your local housing office or one of the One Stop Shops.

If you are the tenant of a partner landlord, return your completed form to them. Anyone else should send the completed form to the lettings team.

You must also provide independent documentary proof of:

  • your identity (see proof of identity below)
  • your relationship to all those named on the application
  • your immigration status
  • the property you currently live in
  • living in the borough continuously for the last three years.

When we receive your application, we check your eligibility (as set out at the top of this page) to see if you can be included on the housing list.

If you can’t join, we will write and tell you the reasons why you are not eligible, along with the details of how you can ask us to review this decision.

If you are eligible to join the housing list, we will assess the information on your application form to determine your priority on the list.

Proof of identity

For every person on the application we must normally see at least two of the following forms of proof of identity, and proof of where they currently live:

  • full birth certificate
  • medical card
  • marriage certificate
  • driving licence
  • national insurance card
  • passport
  • benefit book.

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