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Post-16 provider application process

List of colleges and schools include:

Tower Hamlets Careers Service, Young Workpath

40-42 Watney Market
E1 2PT

The service will continue to support young people by providing careers information, advice and guidance over the telephone. To arrange an appointment please contact by 

freephone: 0800 358 12410
Tel: 020 7364 1401
Email: youngworkpath@towerhamlets.gov.uk  
Young Worthpath  

GCSE & A level Guidance government and Ofqual update for grades summer 2020

Barking and Dagenham College


Your application is being processed (progressing and new) to study with the college from September 2020. Arrangements will be put in place later to assess your progression onto a college course.

View the virtual open events

Visit the Barking and Dagenham College website or call 020 8090 3020

Bishop Challoner 6th form


Students can apply by downloading an application form from their website and emailing it to jstout@bishop.towerhamlets.sch.uk.

Alternatively, the online application form function from that link should soon be active.

Prospective students can also visit the school on GCSE results day where they can also be offered a place on an A Level course or one of their Level 3 BTEC course options (i.e. Business Studies, Media Studies, Sports or Health & Social Care).

They will be offered a place based on their actual GCSE results.

Visit the Bishop Challoner website for more information, email info@bishop.towerhamlets.sch.uk or call 020 7791 9500.

BSIX Sixth Form College


Applications for September 2020 remain open.

Tel: 020 8525 7150
Website: www.bsix.ac.uk  
Email: info@bsix.ac.uk 

Bow School Sixth form

Please contact the college for more information.

Tel: 020 7536 5525
Website: Bow school Sixth form
Email: bs@bow-school.org.uk

Central foundation


Still taking applications, form is available on their website and can either send it in by post or email it in. Also asking applicants to send in a copy of their most recent predicted grades and give details of someone who can provide a reference.

Tel: 020 8981 1131
Website: Central Foundation Girls School
Email: sixthform@central.towerhamlets.sch.uk

Christ the King Sixth Form College (three sites)

  • Students who have been offered a place - please rest assured that this will not affect your application. The college will update you once there is further information on the Government’s plans for awarding grades. There is a virtual school to help you prepare for your post-16 studies

  • Students who have applied for a place - A member of the Admissions Team will contact you to arrange a telephone interview

  • Students who wish to apply for a place - applications will remain open, you can apply online or download an application form. The college will be touch within two weeks once they receive your application.

Tel: 020 8297 9433
Website: www.ctk.ac.uk/ 
Email: admissions@ctksfc.ac.uk  

Chobham Academy


Applications have now closed, should you require any further guidance please email Ms S Rees, Head of Sixth Form s.rees@chobhamacademy.org.uk.

Tel: 020 3747 6060
Website: www.chobhamacademy.org.uk 
Email: PrimaryInfo@chobhamacademy.org.uk

City and Islington College


Buildings are closed but still open for business, still processing applications and welcoming new ones, so if you want to study with the college in September 2020, please visit the website and apply online.

Open Days – 27 June from 11am–12.30pm on Facebook live with VR-enabled 360° tours.

Tel: 020 7700 9200
Website: www.candi.ac.uk 
Email: courseinfo@candi.ac.uk

City of Westminster


Accepting applications.

Open Days - As soon as a new date is announced the college will inform everybody who has registered or shown an interest in attending.

Tel: 020 7723 8826
Website: www.cwc.ac.uk
Email: admissions@cwc.ac.uk

College of Haringey, Enfield & N East London


Buildings are closed but still open for business, still processing applications and welcoming new ones, so if you want to study with the college in September 2020, please visit the website and apply online.

Attend the Virtual open days. More dates coming soon but virtual tours of Tottenham and Enfield centres are available.

Tel: 020 8442 3055
Website: www.conel.ac.uk 
Email: courseinfo@conel.ac.uk

George Green’s School


Application for 6th form is closed.

If you have any questions please contact lcientanni@georgegreens.com.

Tel: 020 7987 6032
Website: www.georgegreens.com 
Email: enquiries@georgegreens.com

Harris Westminster Sixth Form


Year 11 students who hold a conditional offer will be honoured their place if the grades that they are awarded in July meet the entry requirements.

If you do not feel that they represent your ability then please email enquiries@harriswestminstersixthform.org.uk when you receive your results.

Waiting list students

Students on the waiting list should email their results to the enquiries inbox when they have received them.

The sixth form will look at these results if they still have spaces available following the enrolment of conditional offer holders.

They will give more information regarding enrolment dates once the results dates have been released to schools.

Tel: 020 3772 4555
Website: www.harriswestminstersixthform.org.uk

Landon Park School


For all Year 11 Langdon Park students, the sixth form will work closely with you and families to guarantee your post 16 course. For other students interested please contact directly.

Tel: 020 7987 4811
Website: www.langdonparkschool.co.uk 
Email: admin@langdonpark.org

Lewisham Southwark College


Applications will remain open online for all courses with admissions staff processing those using online systems as normal. Although some exams have been cancelled, the college guarantees no one will miss out on a place at Lewisham College that they deserve.

If you have any questions about an existing application or are not sure what to study and need further information, advice or guidance, please contact the college.

Tel: 0203 757 3000 (Lewisham) 0203 757 4000 (Southwark)
Website: www.lesoco.ac.uk

Leyton 6th Form College


The deadline has now closed.

Tel: 020 8928 9000
Website: www.leyton.ac.uk 
Email: enquiry@leyton.ac.uk

Application deadline


Unable to conduct face to face interviews for prospective students. The college are making a conditional postal offer for most of their courses.

Where there are additional course requirements, the college will arrange for a phone discussion to take place.

Detailed advice and guidance will be provided to all applicants during enrolment and induction to ensure that you are on the most appropriate course for you.

London Academy of Excellence


Admissions have closed and not accepting late applicants this year.

Tel: 020 3301 1480
Website: www.lae.ac.uk  
Email: office@lae.ac.uk  

London South East Colleges (four sites)


Recruiting for September and inviting applications. If you are thinking of applying or have applied to study at the college, please be assured that they are processing your application.

Don't panic if you haven't received an offer yet, they still have plenty of places available and will ensure that everyone who applies will be offered a place in the coming months.

Open events

Still planning on running Open Events, however, reviewing the format that ​these events will take place in and will be in touch soon to confirm the format.

  • Greenwich, 17 June
  • Construction Skills, 20 June
  • Bromley and Bexley, 25 June

Tel: 020 3954 4000
Website: www.lsec.ac.uk 
Email: studenthub@lsec.ac.uk

Morpeth School


The sixth form will help current Year 11 students work towards the area of further study they are interested in. This includes additional reading and study material to help move onto the next stage. For other non-Morpeth students interested please get in touch.

Tel: 020 8981 0921
Website: www.morpethschool.org.uk
Email: enquiries@morpeth.towerhamlets.sch.uk

Mulberry Academy Shoreditch


Applications to the academy’s Sixth Form are online.

Year 11 students joining in September - please make sure you check the website every week as the sixth form will be posting:

  • key information about next year
  • learning resources to support your future studies and
  • links to activities to develop your skills and understanding of the Higher Education process.

Tel: 020 7920 7900
Email: info@mulberryacademyshoreditch.org 
For more information visit the Mulberry Academy website.

Mulberry School for Girls 

Already applied: The school will be calling you for a phone interview.


If you couldn't apply to the sixth form earlier this year but would still like to, they are still accepting and reviewing new applications.

Please download the application from the website and email it to admin@mulberryschoolstrust.org.

You will be contacted to arrange an interview over the phone.

Tel: 020 7790 6327
Website: www.mulberryschoolforgirls.org

New City College


Still receiving applications to join in September. Don't worry about your place at New City College (including the Havering Colleges). Your application will be processed and the college will stay in touch regularly.

Where your place would usually be dependent on your GCSE grades, and if you are not able to take exams this year, the college will put other arrangements in place to assess your progression to a college course.

Check the Virtual open day

  • Hackney – 020 7613 9000
  • Redbridge – 020 8477 0200
  • Epping Forest – 020 8508 8311
  • Tower Hamlets – 020 7510 7510
  • Havering Sixth Form - 01708 514400
  • Havering Colleges – 07108 455 011
  • Attlee – 020 7510 7510

Website: https://www.ncclondon.ac.uk  
Email: info@ncclondon.ac.uk

Newham College London


Applications will be processed as normal and the college will be in touch regularly regarding its progress.

Attend the Open day – 20 June, Stratford campus

Tel: 020 8257 4000
Website: www.newham.ac.uk
Email: externalenquiries@newham.ac.uk

Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre

For more information please contact the college directly.

Tel: 020 3011 4114
Website: www.thencs.co.uk 
Email: enquiries@ncs6.org



Still taking applications and extended the application deadline. Based on your application, personal statement, school reference and predicted grades you will either receive an unconditional place or an invitation to a telephone interview with subject specialists.

Tel: 020 7473 4110
Website: www.newvic.ac.uk
Email: advice@newvic.ac.uk

Oaklands School


Applications closed but late submissions may be accepted based on course availability.  All completed applications can be sent to reception@oaklandsschool.com

Tel: 020 7613 1014
Website: www.oaklands.towerhamlets.sch.uk

St Charles Catholic 6th Form College


Still taking applications for September 2020. Use the website to explore courses and apply online.

All applicants will receive the offer of a place at the College, subject to a satisfactory school/college reference.

Tel: 020 8968 7755
Website: www.stcharles.ac.uk 
Email: enquiries@stcharles.ac.uk

St Paul’s Way Trust

Please contact directly for information.

Tel: 020 7987 1833
Website: www.spwt.net/ 
Email: admin@spwt.net

Sir George Monoux 6th Form


The most important thing to do is submit an application form and take part in an interview. If you did not take part in a face to face interview whilst the college was open, they will be in touch about arranging a telephone interview in the Summer Term.

Completing the application and interview will place you at the front of the queue for enrolment and will mean that you are more likely to get a place on your chosen course before it becomes full.

The college will also be sending out a request for information during the Summer Term. Completing this will make your enrolment experience quicker.


The college require references from your school before making a decision whether to offer you a place. However, due to schools being closed, some schools may not be able to submit references before enrolment.

If this is the case for you, the college will let you know and request that you submit a copy of your most recent school report.

The college will also expect students to let them know during the application and interview process if there would be something on your reference that the college would deem require further exploration before a decision is made to offer a place (for example, poor attendance, punctuality or a fixed term exclusion).

Tel: 020 8523 3544
Website: www.sgmc.ac.uk  
Email: info@sgmc.ac.uk  

Sir John Cass 6th Form College


Applications for a place in September 2020 have now closed. However late applications may be considered if you have emailed sixthform-info@sjcr.net and have received a response to complete this application for consideration.

Tel: 020 7790 6712
Website: www.sjcr.net 
Email: info@sjcr.net

Six 21


Applications closed. Please contact directly for further information.

Tel: 020 8262 2121
Website: www.six21.org.uk
Email: info@six21.org.uk

South Quay College

Please contact directly for information.

Tel: 020 3727 6300
Website: www.southquaycollege.org.uk  
Email: admissions@southquaycollege.org.uk

Stepney Green Maths, Computing & Science College

Please contact directly for information.

Tel: 020 7790 6361
Website: www.stepneygreen.towerhamlets.sch.uk  
Email: mail@stepneygreen.towerhamlets.sch.uk

Swanlea School


The deadline for external applications has passed. Please contact directly for more information.

Tel: 020 7375 3267
Website: www.swanlea.co.uk  
Email: officeadmin@swanlea.co.uk

Waltham Forest College


The college is still accepting applications for September 2020 but only if there are submitted online.

Due to COVID-19, all interviews will be conducted over the phone. You will have the opportunity to talk to the subject tutor, who will review your application and give you further information, advice and guidance.

This is an opportunity to ask questions and decide if this is the right course for you.

You may need to complete an assessment to make sure you are studying at the right level - further details will be made available to you.

Tel: 020 8501 8000
Website: www.waltham.ac.uk  
Email: myfuture@waltham.ac.uk

Westminster Kingsway College


Still accepting applications. If you want to study at Westminster Kingsway college in September 2020, please visit the WestKing website and apply online today.

Attend the virtual open days.

Tel: 020 7963 4181
Email: registryinfo@capitalccg.ac.uk