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The waste service strike is now over and we have restarted service from 27 September 2023.

Over the next few weeks, our waste service team and private waste contractors will catch up on missed collections and street cleaning as quickly as possible.

We thank everyone for their patience and apologise for the inconvenience

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Year 13 Results Day Guide 2023

This guide will support students receiving their results on or by 17 August including 

  • A levels and other level 3 qualifications, including BTEC and T Levels

There is information about university options and other alternatives including apprenticeships.

  • A-level and T Level results come out on Thursday 17 August
  • Other qualification results, including BTEC Level 3 will be released on or before 17 August
  • GCSE results come out on Thursday 24 August
  • UCAS clearing will be open for students to apply at 1pm and will close on 17 October. Contact UCAS for students 0371 468 0468 and have your Personal ID Number ready

For more information visit the Ofqual page.

We will still be available to support you on results and other days. Careers advisers will be available in various schools on A level/BTEC/T Level and all GCSE results day in the morning.

Come in and see us on results days from 2 to 4.30pm at WorkPath office, 55 Upper Bank Street, London, E14 5GR (near Poplar DLR and Canary Wharf DLR and tube stations).

You can also contact us from Monday to Friday, 9am to 12pm and 1 to 5pm as we will also offer careers interviews over the phone or via video

Tel: 020 7364 1401 or 0800 3581 2410 (freephone)
Email: youngworkpath@towerhamlets.gov.uk

We expect to be very busy, so please be patient if contacting us.

What could you do after year 13?

The entry requirements can vary and often depend on the level.

  • University
  • Apprenticeship
  • Employment
  • Traineeship
  • Gap year 
  • NVQ
  • Programme
  • Volunteering
  • Resit/s

What are the different options?


Full or part-time, which can be from 2-6 years (typically 3). Usually requires a level 3 qualification, like A levels/BTEC/T Level and often GCSEs. Sometimes specific subject/s but depends on the course and the university.

Apprenticeships (levels from 2-7)

Work, learn and earn option where you are employed by a company to work 80 per cent of the week (usually 4 days) and 20 per cent studying (usually one day) for a qualification relevant to your job. Paid for by the company. Higher/degree levels you might need to be 18 and have level 3 qualifications. Apprenticeship is a minimum of one year.

Employment (if with training sometimes called an ‘apprenticeship or school leaver/training programme’)

Could be full or part-time working for a company in a variety of sectors and entry requirements can vary. If an apprenticeship or school/college training programme, you would work for a company most of the week and get training/qualification for that job.

Traineeships (sometimes called a ‘pre-apprenticeship’)

Aimed at 16–24-year-olds, who are not ready for an apprenticeship. Lasts up to six months. They offer the chance to do work experience, improve work skills and (if needed) gain English and Maths qualifications. Traineeships are not usually paid but financial help may be available.

From 1 August 2023, the government will no longer fund a standalone national traineeships programme. It will be integrated into the 16 to 19 study programme and the adults programme will be funded from the adult education budget.

Traineeships can still be offered by providers locally and included in study programmes. Check with providers directly.

Gap Year

There can be different reasons for wanting to take a year out, but most people do work and/or travel. Some companies have gap year schemes you apply for before you finish year 13 and are only for that year. However some can be offered a permanent job after university. Check for any travel restrictions.

NVQ (levels 1-7)

Is another type of vocational qualification that involves training for a specific job. A work-based way of learning which is carried out at a college or workplace. Involves a range of on-the-job tasks and activities that are designed to test you on your ability to do a job well. They can also be studied as part of an apprenticeship.


There are various other programmes depending on circumstances and interests.


A great way to understand a business, explore career area/s, develop skills and meet new people. It can also look great on your CV.


Depending on your results you might be able to re-sit some subjects while working and/or studying.

Common questions

I have applied to university, have my offers, and not replied

Your reply date is unique to you – log into Track or go to UCAS application to see your deadline.

I have applied to start university in 2023 and replied to my offers but I would like to defer to start next year in 2024

You need to contact the university or college directly. Find out more about deferring the year.

I have applied to university but not received any offers – Clearing

Clearing is how universities and colleges fill places they still have on their courses and applicants without a place. From 5 July to 17 October 2023, you can contact as many universities as you would like to check if the course still has places.

Clearing Plus is where UCAS match you to courses you may be interested in. UCAS use what they know about you from your application and what universities and colleges are looking to find matches. You can still search for something different.

Visit UCAS clearing for more details.

Results day

Results Day

I did not get the grades I wanted

Hopefully you can still progress onto your next step. Contact them to find out. You should speak to school staff about your grades and appeals as remarking ('reviews of results') any exams will be done through them (unless a private candidate/home schooled).

There could be a fee and your grade/s could go up or even down. There is further information in the Ofqual guide.


For resit/s, some students may choose to study independently and enter exams as private candidates. Private candidates register to take exams in a school, college or other type of exam centre. Some exam centres only deliver assessments and exams, and do not teach students. There may be a charge.

If after your 18th birthday you have not passed GCSE English Language and/or Maths (grade 4 or higher), you may be able to resit or take an equivalent, including Functional Skills Level 2. The resit might take place in the November exam series and/or retakes for other subjects take place the following summer.

I have not made any applications

If you want to go to university check the options for clearing. If you want to apply to a work-based option like an apprenticeship, one of our team can help. You can also use the resources on this page to search for vacancies.

For out more about your UCAS application status.

Conditional place - if you have applied to university and your offer/s are conditional on your results have your Track login details ready to check the status. There are different possible options depending on your results.

Unconditional place - If you are taking exams but have been made an unconditional offer, your results will not affect whether you get accepted. Check the offer to see any changes and if there is anything else you need to do. If you are holding a university firm unconditional place you no longer wish to take, you can use the ‘Decline my place’ button in your application.


Adjustment is no longer available. If you have a firm unconditional place and your results are better than expected and you want to apply to a new university, please contact the new university (have your personal ID number ready) and find out if you can get a place on the course of your choice.

If you are offered a place, you can use the ‘Decline my place’ button in your application. This will release you from your firm unconditional place and put you into Clearing. Then you can add the new university from 1pm on the day.


Clearing is how universities and colleges fill any places they still have on their courses. Many universities and colleges already have information on their website. Visit UCAS clearing for more details.

For those living in England there are over 20,000 courses from over 300 providers and is open until 17 October.

Be prepared!

If you didn’t do as well as expected, it doesn’t mean that you cannot progress. Get support from those around you

  • at home
  • school staff
  • sixth form/college
  • Tower Hamlets Young WorkPath.

Come in and see us on results days from 2 to 4.30pm at WorkPath office, 55 Upper Bank Street, London, E14 5GR (near Poplar DLR and Canary Wharf DLR and tube stations).

On the day please have:

  • your results
  • any acceptance letters/emails
  • a fully charged device with telephone and internet access
  • notepad and pen.

If you are going into school to collect your results, also take these with you in case you need to make phone call/s and take notes.


Various careers/results day information

A few links for apprenticeships and jobs (check company website/s directly):

Taking a gap year

Studying abroad