Council's core values

The council's core values inform what we do and how we do it and they provide a structured way of highlighting the skills and behaviours the council need staff to demonstrate in order to deliver quality services.

Our core values are as follows:

1. Achieving results by:

  • securing ambitious outcomes that make a difference to customers
  • taking responsibility and being accountable
  • being flexible and responding positively to change

2. Valuing diversity by:

  • demonstrating commitment to equalities and diversity
  • actively challenging discrimination
  • planning for and responding to the needs of our communities
  • being inclusive and valuing others' contributions

3. Learning effectively by:

  • taking personal responsibility for learning
  • learning from successes and mistakes
  • learning from others
  • sharing learning and experiences

4. Engaging with others by:

  • showing respect
  • creating opportunities for involvement
  • influencing others
  • communicating well
  • building relationships and partnerships

Our core values and the leadership and management framework are built into all of our human resources and organisational development processes and link our recruitment, probation, induction, learning and development and performance, development and review processes.