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CIL submission and examination

In accordance with Regulation 19 of the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 (as amended), the London Borough of Tower Hamlets submitted its CIL Revised Draft Charging Schedule (RDCS) to an Independent Examiner on 24 May 2019.

Appointment of Examiner and the examination hearings

London Borough of Tower Hamlets appointed Mr Terrance Kemmann-Lane JP DipTP MRTPI as the Examiner who will conduct the public examination.

To be heard by the Examiner at a public hearing, please see the procedure detailed within CIL SD 10 (Statement of Modifications).

Further information regarding the examination will be made available here as the council proceeds.

Programme Officer

The Programme Officer is Carmel Edwards. She is independent from the council and works under the direction of the Examiner.

She is responsible for the day to day organisation of the examination and will act as a channel of communication between the Examiner and all parties, including the council officers and representors.

Any queries about the CIL examination should be directed to the Programme Officer.

Contact details

The Programme Officer can be contacted at:

Email: programmeofficer@carmeledwards.com
Tel: 07969 631 930

Post should be addressed to:
CIL Programme Officer
c/o PlanningTown Hall
Mulberry Place
Clove Crescent
E14 2BG

CIL Examination documents

The following table provides a list of the submitted documents and other documents related to the examination.

CIL SD - Submitted documents

CIL AD – Additional documents