Whitechapel Vision MasterplanSupplementary Planning Document (SPD)

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The Whitechapel Vision Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is a local planning document to guide new development within the Whitechapel area up to 2028. The SPD is a material consideration in the determination of planning applications and will provide greater certainty for developers, registered providers, our local community and other key stakeholders.

A summary brochure is available here:

Consultation - Autumn 2013

Civic hub areaThe draft Whitechapel Vision Masterplan SPD was approved by Cabinet for public consultation on 11 September, 2013. A six week statutory public consultation was then undertaken between 23 September and 4 November, 2013. Responses received during the statutory consultation were considered by the council and the SPD was updated, where appropriate.

A copy of the Consultation Report is available.

Adoption - December 2013

The final SPD was adopted by the Mayor in Cabinet on 4 December, 2013.

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If you have any other queries please contact the Whitechapel Vision Delivery Team directly on 020 7364 3308 or email whitechapel.vision@towerhamlets.gov.uk



Whitechapel Vision Delivery team

The Whitechapel Vision Delivery team is a multidisciplinary regeneration team of council staff, encompassing skills in town planning, urban design, economic development and public health. It was set up to progress delivery projects within the Whitechapel Vision Masterplan area.

Part of this task is attracting investment to encourage positive growth in the area. The team also facilitates employment growth through working with local residents groups, partners and other departments within the council.

Current and planned initiatives include:

  • Enterprising Whitechapel – a project designed to enable the availability of affordable workspaces and thereby encourage employment opportunities
  • Activating spaces – a project that will identify neglected or unused spaces for innovative reuse such as cultural or arts- based activity
  • Estate improvements – working with estate residents to identify opportunities for the delivery of a safer, healthier and more inviting public realm
  • Future markets – enabling support for the existing market and identifying opportunities for new markets to meet the needs of residents and visitors.

If you have any other queries please contact the team directly on 020 7364 3308 or email whitechapel.vision@towerhamlets.gov.uk