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Planning performance agreements

Central government encourages the use of planning performance agreements (PPAs) for large or complex planning proposals.

These are voluntary agreements between local planning authorities (councils) and the applicant. They allow for a bespoke service to be agreed and provide a project management framework so that unnecessary delay and uncertainty can be avoided.

We handle large scale major planning applications by entering into a PPA with the applicant because they help to:

  • bring together the developer, the local planning authority (council) and key stakeholders to work in partnership throughout the planning process
  • ensure complex proposals progress through the process to mutually-agreed timescales, outside of the 13/16 week statutory timeframe
  • ensure appropriate resources and expertise are provided to advise on complex proposals
  • provide greater opportunity for dialogue through the planning process (pre-application stage, planning application stage and the post decision stages) and help deliver high-quality development.

You can ask for advice on whether your proposal may be suitable for a PPA at pre-application stage, or upon initial contact from the planning officer.

New PPA Administration Fee from 1 April 2018

Further to previous consultation and feedback gathered from the ‘Developers Forum’,  Tower Hamlets will be introducing a new Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) administration fee. 

At the forum, options for a standard charge or a pro-rata charge were discussed. There was more support from those attending for a pro-rata charge.

The administration fee will be used to manage the appointment of external technical consultants and recovery of the associated costs agreed within the PPA.

The new fee will be equivalent to 10 per cent increment added to the total value of an invoice (for agreed consultant fees) issued by LBTH for costs recovery.

The new fee will be applicable for all PPA’s that are signed on or after 1 April 2018.

More information about planning performance agreements is available on GOV.UK.