Evidence base

Tower Hamlets Local Plan 2031: Managing growth and sharing the benefits (Regulation 19)

The council has prepared a suite of evidence base documents to support the production of the Local Plan and other supplementary guidance. The documents below are available to download and are also available to view at the council’s planning office.

As part of the Local Plan public consultation, comments are welcomed on the supporting evidence base studies. Following consultation, these studies will be submitted together with the Local Plan and representations received during the consultation to the Secretary of State. After this consultation period, additional studies may be identified which will be prepared as part of the examination.

We have prepared a brief summary of key supporting evidence base studies, which provides an overview of their main recommendations.

The following evidence base documents have specifically informed the current draft version of the new Local Plan. For ease of navigation, they have been arranged into a series of categories which correspond with the relevant sections of the Local Plan.  

Please note:

To support the Five Year Housing Land Supply and Housing Trajectory Statement (2017), the council has prepared a list of deliverable sites contributing to the five-year housing supply. Please see below:

Part 1: Setting the scene

Part 2: Vision and objectives

Part 3: Policies

 Achieving sustainable growth

 Creating attractive and distinctive places

 Meeting housing needs

 Delivering economic growth 

 Revitalising our town centres 

Supporting community facilities 

Managing our waste 

 Enhancing open spaces and water spaces  

 Protecting and managing our environment  

Improving connectivity and travel choice 

Part 4: Delivering sustainable places 

Part 5: Monitoring and delivery  

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