Parking price increases came into effect on 18 April 2019

From October 2019, there will be an additional charge for a diesel vehicle and this charge will be in addition to the cost of a permit, including any surcharge applied to the second and third permit in a residential household.

A full list of the changes can be found on theĀ parking charges page.

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Public service (general) parking permit terms and conditions

1 What you need to do and provide to apply for a public service parking permit

1.1 Check that you meet the proof of eligibility terms and conditions in section 2.

1.2 Complete and sign the application along with an authorised person in the organisation.

1.3 Photocopy of the UK Registration Certificate, New Keeper Supplement or a print out of the DVLA vehicle details for us to calculate your permit price, unless you are applying for a multi-vehicle permit.

1.4 If you are applying for a multi-vehicle permit enter ‘MVP’ as the vehicle registration.

1.5 Payment is made with the organisation’s business card or cheque. If you are required to use your personal card we require a letter from your company dated within 28 days of your application confirm.

2 Proof of eligibility

2.1 You are employed by the organisation.

2.2 You need a vehicle to carry out your day-to-day duties and not only for commuting to a permanent place of work or the permit is required for the businesses fleet vehicle or;

2.3 You work unsociable hours and public transport is unavailable at the start or end of your contracted working hours.

2.4 Your vehicle does not exceed 2.3m (8’6”) in height or 5.2m (16’8”) in length.

2.5 Your permit price is subject to change on a yearly basis.

3 Where to apply and payment methods

3.1 One Stop Shop as listed below - Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:30pm (Open 10am on the last Wednesday of every month). Payment should be made with the organisation’s business card:

  • Bethnal Green, 1 Rushmead (off Bethnal Green Road) E2 6NE*
  • Bow & North Poplar, John Onslow House, 1 Ewart Place (off Roman Road) E3 5EQ
  • South Poplar, 15 Market Square, Chrisp Street E14 6AQ

*Open on Saturday from 9am -12.30pm

3.2 Postal Application: Permits Team, P.O. Box 62475, London E14 1GL –The business cheque must be made payable to the ‘London Borough of Tower Hamlets’.

3.3 For a postal application you must only send a photocopy of your proofs as we do not accept liability or responsibility for any documents lost in the post. A postal application must not be taken to a One Stop Shop and only sent via Royal Mail.

4 Receiving your permit

4.1 Your permit will be posted to you so please allow 7 days to receive it from the date that your application is processed or the date that you renew your permit.

4.2 If you do not receive your permit within 7 days from the date of your application or renewal you must telephone Tower Hamlets Contact Centre within 14 days, otherwise you will have to complete a new application and resubmit your proofs before your permit is reissued.

5 Where and how to use your on-street public service parking permit

5.1 Your permit is only valid for the vehicle specified on your application. The only exception to this is for a multi-vehicle permit.

5.2 You must display your permit on the front windscreen so that all the details can be seen from outside the vehicle.

5.3 Your permit is only valid in parking bays signed ‘Resident Permit Holders Only’, ‘Permit Holders Only’, or ‘Permit Holders or Pay at Machine’.

5.4 Your permit is valid in all zones during the controlled hours.

5.5 Your permit is also valid off-street, on an estate managed by Tower Hamlets Homes, for up to one hour in a parking bay marked ‘Visitors Bay’.

5.6 Your permit does not guarantee you a parking bay.

5.7 You must not park in a suspended bay regardless of whether or not the reason for the suspension is clear. You should always check all the signs in the vicinity of the bay where you park to make sure you can use it.

5.8 You should always check the controlled times as set out on the signs in the vicinity of the bay where you park to make sure you can use it.

6 Selling or disposing of your vehicle

6.1 If you sell or dispose of your vehicle then you must return your permit within 14 days of selling or disposing of your vehicle. After this period your permit will be invalid.

7 Change of employer or work location

7.1 You must return your permit within 14 days from the date of change. After this period your permit will be invalid.

8 Changing of name

8.1 You must return your permit within 14 days of the change. After this period your permit will be invalid.

9 Vehicle Stolen

9.1 A refund will be calculated from the date of incident as stated on the insurance letter.

10 Refund

10.1 If your permit is not returned a refund will not be made, unless your vehicle has been stolen or written-off and you provide us with the insurance letter or disposal receipt.

10.2 A refund is calculated on the number of complete months remaining from the date that we receive your permit or the date that the vehicle was stolen or written-off.

10.3 No refund will be made if the amount due back is less than £10 after the £25.50administration fee.

10.4 The refund will be made back to the original debit or credit card used (including a replacement card).

10.5 If payment was made by cheque the refund will be made into your employer bank account within 28 days.

11 Lost or Stolen Permit

11.1 You must complete a new application and resubmit your proofs for the permit to be reissued. An administration fee will be charged.

11.2 If your multi-vehicle permit is lost or stolen you will not qualify for a refund and you will have to apply for a new permit and pay the full price again.

12 Vehicle off-the-road for repairs or maintenance

12.1 A unique reference number will be given to you to display on the replacement vehicle for up to 7 days. Please telephone Tower Hamlets Contact Centre on 020 7364 5003.

12.2 If you require an extension please refer to the vehicle off-the-road application.

13 Renewing your permit

13.1 A permit reminder letter will be posted to your application address at least 4 weeks before the permit expiry date and it is solely your responsibility to make sure that you renew your permit on or before the expiry date even if you do not receive your reminder letter.

13.2 If you renew your permit on or after a price increase you will have to pay the new permit price regardless of the price you previously paid or price shown on your permit reminder letter.

14 Suspect Fraud

14.1 The London Borough of Tower Hamlets has a duty to prevent and detect fraudulent applications.

14.2 Parking Services reserves the right to request at any time documentation to show that you continue to meet the permit terms and conditions. In the event that you fail to provide the requested information your permit may be cancelled without further notice and you will not qualify for a refund.

14.3 If you know or suspect parking permit fraud please call us on 020 7364 6945 or email All reports are treated in strictest confidence.

15 Data Protection Statement

15.1 The information that you provide will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and relevant legislation. Any personal information you give us is held securely and will only be used for council purposes. Information that was collected for one purpose may be used for another council purpose, unless there are legal restrictions preventing this. Using your information in this way allows us to deliver more efficient services that can be tailored to your individual needs and preferences. This authority has a duty to protect public funds it administers, and may use information held about you for the prevention and detection of fraud and other lawful purposes. The council will also use the information for the purpose of performing any of its statutory enforcement duties. It will make any disclosures required by law and may also share this information with other bodies responsible for detecting/preventing fraud or auditing/administering public funds. This may include passing key financial and personal information to the National Fraud Initiative data matching exercise managed by the Audit Commission.

16 Changes to Terms & Conditions

16.1 Your permit is issued subject to the relevant Traffic Management Orders of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and may be subject to change.

16.2 The Council reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions by giving you 28 days written notice.

17 Your Comments, Complaints and Compliments

17.1 Please contact the Corporate Complaints Team on telephone number 020 7364 4161 or visit our website at

18 Parking Enquires

18.1 For a general parking enquiry you can visit, or telephone Tower Hamlets Contact Centre on 020 7364 5003.