Key Worker Permit and Government COVID 19 Pass

All entitlement to free parking concessions for key workers including the use of Government COVID 19 passes  will end across the London Borough of Tower Hamlets on Sunday 20 June 2021. Please be advised parking enforcement will commence from Monday 21 June 2021.


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Wapping Bus Gate permit terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

1.1      The blue badge holder’s post code must begin with E1W.

1.2      The application must be completed in the blue badge holder’s name.

1.3      You are only allowed one Wapping bus gateway permit.

1.4      The vehicle you register must not exceed 2.3m (7’ 6”) in height or 5.25m (17’ 3”) in length.

1.5      The permit only allows the permitted vehicle to drive through the Wapping bus gateway.

1.6      The operational times are Monday to Friday from 5.30am to 10.30am and 4pm to 7pm on Wapping High Street between the junctions of Sampson Street and Knighten Street.

1.7      There is a £20 administration fee for the permit.

1.8      You must tell us immediately if you no longer meet the criteria by completing the online contact form.

1.9      You must tell us immediately if you need to change the vehicle registration or address by completing the Wapping bus gateway permit online form.

1.10   We will contact you by telephone approximately four weeks before the expiry of your virtual permit to renew it and take payment through a secure line.

1.11   We reserve the right, to request at any time, any documents to check that you are eligible for a permit.

1.12   If you breach any of the terms and conditions your permit may be cancelled.

1.13   The council reserves the right to change the terms and conditions by giving you 28 days’ notice.

Blue badge holder eligibility requirements

2.1      Blue badge number and 

2.2      Vehicle registration number you wish to register.  

Data protection and General Data Protection Regulation 

3.1      To view how the council will use your data, please see visit the data protection & freedom of information section.

3.2      To view our Privacy Notice, see our legal notices

3.3      We may share information provided to us with other bodies responsible for; auditing, or administering public funds, or where undertaking a public function, in order to prevent and detect fraud