New parking fees and charges

Please note that we have increased our parking fees and charges around the borough. For details on the changes, please visit the fees and charges page.

Annual parking report

Below you can find all the Parking Services Annual Reports for Tower Hamlets since the implementation of the Traffic Management Act 2004. Before, the report provided the information required by the relevant Codes of Practice and government guidance. As of 2012/13 Parking Services is proud to publish the annual account in a new format. It not only covers all our parking enforcement activity but also demonstrates the wider work of Parking Services and the role that it plays in the community.

Through our transport policy we are attempting to create a cleaner, greener and more attractive borough where it is safe and easy to travel and where the environment is protected for future generations. We hope that you find this annual report informative and that it helps to demonstrate the purpose of Parking Services across Tower Hamlets.