Parking, Mobility & Transport services customer charter

This Parking, Mobility & Transport services customer charter sets out our customer promise and our commitments to you in order to provide a quality service. It explains why the council regulates parking and traffic schemes, and how you can assist us by setting our expectations of you. Please take the time to give us your views on this charter or on our service at as we welcome your comments and value customer feedback.

You can also have your say by completing the short Parking and Mobility service survey.

Customer promise

  • Staff will identify themselves and their section
  • We will be polite, helpful and honest
  • We will treat you with respect
  • We will treat you fairly
  • We will listen to your views
  • We will make it clear what we can and cannot do
  • We will be accountable for the service we provide
  • We will consider your needs when designing our service
  • We will deliver services that anticipate your needs
  • We will admit when things go wrong and do our best to put them right
  • We will comply with the statutory legislation and appropriate policies
  • All staff directly involved with managing children will have up to date DBS checks
  • Drivers and passenger assistants will wear uniforms and carry photographic ID and be appropriately trained
  • We will tell passengers what time they will be picked up and delivered home, and let them know of any changes.
  • We will wait for up to 3 minutes past the scheduled pick up time in case passengers are late and we will report to the client officer if they are regularly late
  • We will take passengers to a place of safety and leave a note giving full details of where they are if they cannot be delivered home
  • Hold quarterly contract management meetings with all contractors and agency providers to review performance and quality of service and identify potential for further efficiencies and improvements
  • Passenger fleet vehicles will be services every 6 weeks and will have an annual service and MOT and appropriate testing and compliancy for on-board equipment

Why the council regulates parking and traffic schemes

  • To balance the needs of all road users
  • To enable the most vulnerable to be able to travel
  • To support and stimulate the local economy
  • To contribute to the delivery of general transport strategy and objectives
  • To improve road safety for all stakeholders
  • To reduce congestion
  • To contribute to improving the environment
  • To manage kerbside space. 

What we expect from you

  • That you make reasonable efforts to check for signs, suspension notices and the like when parking
  • That you have the money available for pay and display before you park or use our pay by phone service
  • That you buy enough time to cover your stay, allowing for the possibility of being delayed
  • That you do not ignore a Penalty Charge Notice, Notice to Owner or any other documentation from us
  • That you give as much information as possible and enclose proof if you have any when making an appeal
  • That you renew your permit before the expiry date
  • That you check that your ticket, permit or badge is clearly displayed before leaving your vehicle
  • That you inform us of any problems you encounter when parking or are not sure of something. Don’t wait until you receive a Penalty Charge Notice.
  • That you assist us in managing abandoned vehicles on the highway
  • That your vehicle is correctly registered with the DVLA
  • That you provide the required documentation to accompany Mobility Support applications
  • For adults and children to be ready for their scheduled pick up time
  • Understand that we will aim that our journeys are on time but that this is dependent on traffic and weather conditions

Parking, Mobility & Transport Services commitment to provide a quality service

  • Controlled parking zones (CPZ) – We will consult with all relevant stakeholders regarding amendments to CPZs in their area.
  • Disabled bays – We will aim to install all disabled bays within 6 months of request, subject to meeting the council’s criteria.
  • Abandoned Vehicle Service – An officer will aim to visit a reported vehicle to assess whether it can be removed as abandoned within 48 hours of being reported. When a vehicle is confirmed as abandoned it will be removed within 48 hours of being legally permitted.
  • Parking permits – We will post permits and scratchcards within 5 working days of receiving an application that meets the necessary approval criteria.
  • Mobility support – We will process applications for discretional Freedom Passes, Taxicards and Blue Badges within 14 days of receipt.
  • Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) – We aim to respond to challenges and representations against PCNs within 21 days (our statutory requirement is 56 days).
  • Emergency parking enforcement – We aim to remove vehicles blocking driveways, using disabled parking bays without displaying a valid badge or causing serious danger or obstruction within two hours of being reported during our specified times.
  • Complaints – We will reply to you within 10 working days; however please note that there is a separate legal process for challenging a PCN.
  • We will process applications for suspensions and skips within seven days of receipt and dispensations within three days of receipt. We will ensure that 3 days clear notice is given of suspensions.
  • Journey length for transporting Adults & Children - We will aim that our journeys take one hour or less (subject to traffic conditions and number of passengers).
  • Journey times for transporting Adults & Children - We will aim to be punctual and that we meet our arrival and drop off times for each individual school and centre for 85 per cent of journeys (subject to traffic conditions and number of passengers).
  • We review continuously and seek to improve our service and value customer feedback.
  • Please note that the above charter only applies to council highways and not estates.