Parking price increases came into effect on 18 April 2019

From October 2019, there will be an additional charge for a diesel vehicle and this charge will be in addition to the cost of a permit, including any surcharge applied to the second and third permit in a residential household.

A full list of the changes can be found on the parking charges page.

Contractor parking permit

Who can apply for a daily, 3, 6, 12 month contractor parking permit

  • You must be employed by the business, a sole trader or you own or manage the property.
  • You must be contracted to carry out building works, repairs or maintenance within the Borough, unless you own or manage the property.
  • There is a written contract, work-sheet or quote for you or your company to carry out the work, unless you own or manage the property.
  • You need a vehicle to carry out your day-to-day duties and not only for commuting to a permanent place of work.
  • Your vehicle does not exceed 2.3m (8’6”) in height or 5.2m (16’8”) in length.

3, 6, 12 month contractor parking permits

Your permit price band is determined by the CO2 emission recorded on the UK Registration Certificate (V5C). To find out the how much your permit will cost visit the parking charges page.

For further information please refer to the application form.

Where you can park

Your permit is only valid in parking bays signed:

  • Resident permit holders only
  • Permit holders only or
  • Permit holders or pay at machine.

Your permit is valid in all zones during the controlled hours. 

Your permit is only valid on weekdays.

Change of company or vehicle

If you change company or your vehicle you must return your permit. For further information and changes please refer to the application form.


Apply for a contractor parking permit