Business parking permit

Who can apply for a business permit

To qualify:

  • the business must be based in a commercial property in Tower Hamlets
  • you are employed by the business or the owner of the business
  • you need a vehicle to carry out your day-to-day duties
  • your vehicle is not solely used for commuting to a permanent place of work
  • you are insured to drive the vehicle and covered for ‘business use’
  • your vehicle does not exceed 2.3m (7’ 6”) in height or 5.25m (17’ 3”) in length

Where you can park

Your permit is valid in the zone that the business is based, during the controlled parking times, and only in parking bays signed:

  • Business Permit Holders Only
  • Permit Holders Only
  • Permit Holders or Pay at Machine
  • Permit Holders or Pay by Phone

Your permit is not valid in any other bays, such  as bays signed ‘Pay at Machine only’, ‘Pay by Phone only’ or Suspended bays.

What are paperless permits?

Our new parking permit is a ‘virtual’, paperless permit. This means that you will not receive a physical permit to put in your car. Instead, parking officers will be able to check on the system if a car has a valid permit. 

How to apply and pay

You can now apply and pay for all parking permits online through our new parking permit system. 

To apply for any permit, you must first set up an account. When registering, choose ‘Business’ as your customer type to apply for a business permit.

Register for an account



Once we receive your application, it will be assessed within three working days. No payment will be taken until we have approved your application. If your application is rejected, no payment will be taken.

Once you have created an account, read the terms and conditions and then complete the online application. 

Apply for a business parking permit


How to work out the cost of your permit

Your permit price band is determined by the CO2 emissions recorded on the UK Registration Certificate (V5C) or the DVLA website. You can find out how much you have to pay for a permit by visiting the parking fees and charges page.