Other collaborative work


A number of authorities jointly commissioned research which considered the way that reforms to planning policy and the increased emphasis on viability in the planning system have affected the delivery of affordable housing. This research was published in January 2017.

The research examines the relationship between land prices, changes to the National Planning Policy Framework (2012), and the housing development pipeline, notably the provision of affordable housing.

It makes a series of recommendations for the reform of the viability process that seek to ensure that housing development is more sustainable. Download the full report.


The approach to accounting for land value in Financial Viability Assessments has been a rising contention in recent years. A number of authorities jointly obtained legal advice. This advice was provided on the 22nd December 2016, in the context of the planning policy/guidance in place at that time.


In overall terms the advice generally advocates that an ‘Existing use value plus’ approach is most appropriate, rather than market value or what the site was acquired for. Download advice.