Are you reporting a hate crime?

Are you reporting a hate crime?

We work closely with the police and other partners to prevent all forms of hate crime. We encourage victims or witnesses of hate crime to report it immediately to the police. Hate Crime is any criminal offence or incidents where the victim has been targeted because of their:

  1. disability
  2. race or ethnic identity
  3. religion or belief
  4. gender or gender identity
  5. sexual orientation
  6. age
  7. immigration status or nationality
  8. or any other perceived aspect of their identity.

To report a hate crime:

  1. Call 999: in an emergency, if there is a crime occurring, someone is injured, being threatened or threat to life 
  2. Call 101: if it is a non-emergency and the crime has occurred
  3. Visit our hate crime page for more information and how to get support.