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  1. Use NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard data where available or employee data to understand the proportions of BAME employees in RLH/ME at different levels, and in line with our inclusion strategy, we will take positive steps to remove bias and establish inclusive practice
  2. Set KPIs and metrics for our recently established Gender Pay Gap working group
  3. Analyse patient data and work with our public health team to understand the proportion of BAME patients and establish what barriers they are facing, ensuring equity of access.

Targeted interventions

We recognise that Tower Hamlets has the highest number of people with Bangladeshi heritage of any borough in the country and that the fastest growing minority in the Borough are the 14% white non-British residents.

Also, Tower Hamlets has the highest proportion of older residents in poor households in England, and ranks 14th for children living in poverty.
Based on this, we will:

  1. Engage with Borough partners and community organisations to understand the needs of our local population
  2. Work with partners to tailor sustainable interventions


We have listened to our staff to redesign our recruitment processes and will continue to:

  1. Monitor WRES data to review change at senior levels
  2. Ensure all recruitment at Bands 8A and above involves an Inclusion Ambassador
  3. Ensure the redesigned senior recruitment process is adhered to, including:
    1. Having a diverse shortlist of candidates and a diverse interview panel
    2. Requiring hiring managers to feedback to unsuccessful candidates and those internal to the group will be offered follow-up support.


  1. We will use our scale to benefit the health of local people. By working together with east London partners, we will maximise our socio-economic impact by creating employment opportunities for local people; through our Community Works for Health Programme
  2. Ensure our current and new contractors understand our Barts Health values and share our WeBelong vision
  3. Applying Community Connectivity Shared development framework to deliver equity in healthcare, reduce health inequalities and uphold our anchor role within the ICS

Awareness and communication

The Inclusion Board and Hospital Executive Board is committed to the WeBelong strategy and will deliver the commitments of this pledge alongside the strategy by:

  1. Hospital Executive Boards will continue to promote the WeBelong strategy and ensure all staff have an inclusion objective in their PDP
  2. Ensure attendance of Inclusion Centre Inclusive leadership curriculum for managers once developed.

Additional commitments

  1. Through our community engagement groups we will listen to the experience of ethnic minorities and their families. This will enable us to be sensitive to the needs of our local communities, and act on their insights about what matters to local people accessing healthcare.
  2. As part of the wider programme to transform the NHS in London as outlined in the London Workforce Race Strategy, we will take part in the NHS White Allies Programme.

Signed pledge

By signing this pledge on behalf of my organisation, I pledge that we will address the issues identified, monitor our progress on an annual basis, and agree to be held accountable for the
delivery of our actions.

Organisation: Barts Health NHS Trust (The Royal London and Mile End Hospitals)

Name and role: Jackie Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer

Signed Jackie Sullivan's signature