East London Business Alliance

East London Business Alliance



  1. Data collection from staff and trustees October/November 2021
  2. Publish ethnic profile of staff body, leadership team and Board via ELBA website in December 2021
  3. Calculate and publish ethnic pay gap in December 2021
  4. Update data and ethnic pay gap on annual basis – ongoing
  5. Explore extending current data collection on service users to all direct beneficiary work
  6. Through implementation of ELBA Volunteering Interface begin ask business volunteers to give their ethnicity data – from April 2022
  7. To better identify which community organisations are Black, Asian or minority ethnic led.

Targeted interventions

  1. Target Increase the number of Black, Asian and minority ethnic led organisations we are supporting by 20 per cent by March 2022 and a further 20 per cent by March 2023
  2. Maintain/ Create programmes to support the employment and life chances of young Black men
  3. Further develop programmes to support young people at risk of, of already engaged in, serious youth violence and knife crime
  4. Further develop education and mentoring programmes to support young people from specific groups
  5. Act as a leader in the east London business and community sectors promoting anti-racism and community cohesion.


  1. To maintain the Black, Asian and minority ethnic proportion of the ELBA staff team at 50 per cent or over
  2. To maintain the proportion of Black, Asian and minority ethnic people in the ELBA leadership team and management team at 40 per cent or above
  3. To increase the proportion of Black, Asian and minority ethnic directors on the ELBA Board to 40 per cent of above by 2023.
  4. To use the BTEG/GLA toolkits to explore how we can help people progress in our organisation.


  1. To promote increased diversity and inclusion to our corporate partners
  2. Support Black, Asian and minority ethnic professionals so they can influence change in their organisations
  3. Develop programmes to interest Black, Asian and minority ethnic people in taking up decision-making positions in civic life – the NHS, as magistrates, school governors and charity trustees. Support them once in post to become leaders of those organisations
  4. To create a list of all our suppliers and engage them in promotion of positive diversity and inclusion policies

Awareness and communication

  1. To maintain the ELBA Inclusion Group to engage all staff in driving forward inclusion in ELBA
  2. To make public our commitment to the Pledge via the ELBA website and social media channels
  3. I have a public declaration of commitment in the ELBA offices for staff and external visitors to see.

Additional commitments

  1. Support and promote Race Equality Week each February
  2. Maintain our support for the SHIFT25 campaign for social justice
  3. Maintain our support for the BOABAB Foundation to seek a fairer share of charitable donations for Black led charities and community groups.

Signed pledge

By signing this pledge on behalf of my organisation, I pledge that we will address the issues identified, monitor our progress on an annual basis, and agree to be held accountable for the
delivery of our actions.

Organisation: ELBA

Name and role: Ian Parkes, Chief Executive

Signed: Ian Parkes' signature