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We are currently undergoing our SLT surgeries, which will analyse the implementation of Anti-Racist strategies within participating schools and the work done by schools to diversify their leadership teams. We plan to write a report after the surgeries, analysing SLT diversity levels as well as the steps taken to increase leadership opportunities for underrepresented (BAME) teachers.

Surgeries plan to be completed by the end of spring term, report by end of May.

Regarding the ethnic pay gap, we have discussed that the council have a role to play, considering that they regulate pay for Global Learning London employees.

Targeted interventions

Before every training session, we have a call with a leading staff member to fully grasp the climate and needs of the school. We then tailor our training to ensure they receive as much practical and relevant training as possible.  In the future we plan to ask other staff members within the school to fill out a survey before training starts, and with this we can see a range of views about the school’s current approaches to anti-racism. We plan to implement this in the next wave of our ‘Towards an Anti- Racist Curriculum’ training.


We pride ourselves in having a diverse core team and have created a culture which values diversity and provides the space and environment which enables Black, Asian and Minority people to develop into community leadership roles within the governance of the organisation.

Through the creation of a ‘Junior Associates’ programme, we plan to remove the education and age barriers facing BAME communities in Tower Hamlets. This project is in its very early stages, and we plan to do more of this work in mid/late 2022.


We plan to ensure all associates at Global Learning London are aware of our pledge, ensuring they always have an Anti-Racist lens and embody the values of Tower Hamlets. We also plan to alter the contracts signed to become part an associate, guaranteeing it aligns with the Tower Hamlets values. We plan to bring in an external specialist, who will review them in the next quarter.

Awareness and communication

Details on the pledge and how to sign up have been broadcasted to all schools we work with in our “Towards an Anti-Racist Curriculum” package. Once the pledge is complete, we plan to publicise our commitments in our monthly ‘Headteachers Bulletin’, as well as on our website. This will all be done by the end of the second yearly quarter.

We also plan to hold monthly team meetings where we review the pledge, making sure that we are adhering to our commitments.

Additional commitments

-       Continue the facilitation of anti-racist CPD’s this year

-       Raise the profile of the work Global Learning London is doing in terms of Anti-Racism; we have found that a lot of organisations in the borough (Tower Hamlets Council included) are unaware of the work we do.

-       Create more diversity within the associates sector in terms of ethnicity and gender, age in particular.

-       We currently have our anti-racist statement made in June 2020 on our website and we are planning to analyse this, ensuring it still contains the relevant vocabulary.

Signed pledge

By signing this pledge on behalf of my organisation, I pledge that we will address the issues identified, monitor our progress on an annual basis, and agree to be held accountable for the
delivery of our actions.

Organisation: Global Learning London

Name and role: Shea Williams, Project Assistant

Signed signed by Shea Williams, Project Assistant