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THH have made the commitment and have in place EDI arrangements, the progress of which have been assessed by Housing Diversity Network which gave THH an accreditation and five distinctions in 2015 and accreditation and 11 distinction areas under the Diversity Network Accreditation in August 2021. THH is committed to the pledge and is working with LBTH as its ALMO to implement the strategic and equalities priorities of the Council. THH tracks progress against actions contained in the Inequalities Commission. Whilst THH has sought assessment and recognition of its work on EDI it fully supports driving up standards through recognition schemes and will work with LBTH to achieve that; whilst also publicising its own achievement, standard and recognition. THH collates, disaggregates and analyses staff and board level data and takes positive action to address the inequalities. THH publishes pay gap information on ethnicity and gender and profiles of Board and senior levels; again taking positive action where inequality exists.

Targeted Interventions

The THH approach on targeted interventions is an area identified as a strength in the Aug 2021 assessment and accreditation by Housing Diversity Network. THH has a number of positive action initiatives in place and as an example of an outcome, THH have increased BAME recruits by 77% since 2015.


THH have a range of monitoring arrangements in place from recruitment, staff composition, resident composition, the comparison between the two, take up of service and satisfaction. This is being further developed so better reporting on variety and nuances can be made and THH is working with Housing Diversity Network and the Housing Regulator to make this an area of good practice other organisations can use.


THH is committed to using its influence. The procurement arrangements in THH reflect this pledge (THH uses the Councils procurement arrangements) and contract management ensures contractors are fully committed to and adopt THH's policies.

Awareness and communication

THH has included awareness and communication of the pledge in its communications plan. THH has a targeted communications campaign #altogether and has published progress widely internally and externally. Communications is a distinction area. THH have showcased talent and progress on the national stage and have publicised this widely. 

Additional commitments


THH will continue with the delivery of its action to promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion with a focus on being anti-racist and to work with LBTH to achieve the Pledge. We will continue to work with Public Health colleagues and on Council initiatives such as Communities Driving Change to support the partnership and assist in any way possible including sharing of good practice and experience.

Signed pledge

By signing this pledge on behalf of my organisation, I pledge that we will address the issues identified, monitor our progress on an annual basis, and agree to be held accountable for the delivery of our actions

Organisation:  Tower Hamlets Homes

Name & Role: Susmita Sen, Chief Executive, Tower Hamlets Homes