Payment process WELR

Payment process WELR
1. Providers must already be registered on the council’s payment system - no other payment mechanism is available. 

2. A purchase order (PO) number will be issued to regular suppliers at the beginning of the financial year. All other providers will be issued with a PO number upon completion of registration onto the council’s payment system.

3. Providers must submit backing data – within 1 month of the end of the reporting period. This is essential to enable services provided to be validated and invoices processed promptly.

4. GUM backing data report must contain the following:
a. provider code
b. local authority name
c. LSOA11 code - using the LSOA coding method. LSOA will determine which locally authority should bear the costs when partial postcode is a fringe (sharing more than one LA)
d. partial postcodes - This needs to be the first part of the postcode and the first digit after the space ( E1 8AB = E1 8, IG11 7ND = IG11 7)
e. POD (Point of delivery) -Type of activity
f. activity
g. total charge in accordance with the financial terms issued by the council for prevailing year
h. HRG4 - where applicable
i. speciality code – this will be the actual treatment code - please note that the council will pay for First and Follow Up attendances only. Any other treatments would not normally be paid
j. appointment date.

5. If remuneration is through Pathway Analytics all of the fields must be completed.

6. The backing data report in this format must be sent to

7. Please note the LSOA11 data can be downloaded from search for ONSPD. This will take you into the LSOA results then select the latest postcode directory.

8. In the event of any discrepancy, WELR Shared Service will contact you to highlight where the backing data has not passed validation.

9. Invoices should contain the following information:
a. date of invoice, tax point
b. supplier company name and contact details in case of a query
c. the valid purchase order number provided by the council taken from the order we have emailed or otherwise sent to you. Please note that if a valid purchase order is not quoted, the invoice may be returned unpaid
d. the agreed charges
e. any applicable tax element, e.g. VAT, separately identified
f. confirmation that the services detailed have been fully performed.

10. It is the Shared Service policy not to part pay invoices. If you “over” invoice, the invoice will not be paid and you will be asked to issue a credit note. When we have processed the credit note the invoice will be paid.

11. Requests for payment must follow payment mechanism and fully supply requested backing data - failure to do so will lead to a rejection of invoices.

12. Any correspondence in relation to an outstanding invoice must confirm the following:
a. provider is registered on the council’s payment system
b. supporting backing data has been sent to
c. prices are in accordance with the council’s prevailing terms for the relevant year
d. PO number was quoted on the invoice
e. Invoice was sent via the council’s payment system posted to London Borough of Tower Hamlets Payments Section, PO Box 501, Telford, TF2 2HN or emailed to
f. failure to confirm a-e will result in a standard response requesting necessary steps are taken in relation to published terms.