Why do we do this at the council?

Why do we do this at the council?

From a legal point of view, there is a duty for all English and Welsh councils to provide a scrutiny function under Local Government Act (2000) and Localism Act (2011) where there is an elected Executive Mayor and Cabinet Structure.

The reason why Overview and Scrutiny Committee (OSC) carry’s out monthly checks on local issues at public Committee meetings is to: 

  1. Examine in detail a particular local issue affecting the residents and Tower Hamlets community
  2. Check on behalf the residents that the service the community receives is meeting their needs and is performing well
  3. Allows for your councillor to raise issues, concerns and ask pre decision questions and power to ‘call in’ decisions
  4. Investigate decisions made by the Mayor, Cabinet and council are in the best interests of the residents
  5. Creates an independent group which can hold the Mayor, Cabinet and council responsible for their decision making.