For all new residential and public service permits, we aim to reivew applications within three working days. While your application is being checked, your vehicle registration will be covered to park in the appropriate permit bay within your mini parking zone.

Once the application has been reviewed, an email will be sent to indicate one of the following:

  1. Application approved – this means your permit application has been successful and the virtual permit is valid for use immediately.
  2. Application declined – this means your permit application has not been successful. The email will give explanation on why the application has been declined.
  3. Application referred – this means additional information is required in order to be able to approve the permit application.

Business permits are processed immediately.

For visitor vouchers, we aim to complete the initial registration assessment within three working days. Once this has been completed, you will be able to pay for vouchers immediately as and when you need them.

Please log onto your parking account to check the status of your application.