Education Maintenance Allowance and University Bursary

Education Maintenance Allowance and University Bursary

Mayor’s Education Maintenance Allowance and University Bursary Award Schemes Privacy Notice

Data Controller and Purpose

The information you provide will be used by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets’ School Governance,Information and Traded Service, to process your personal data submitted with the application. Tower Hamlets Council is the Data Controller.

We have received personal data from you and will use this for processing your application, this includes processing of application queries. It is important that you understand that we will need to share your data with other agencies where necessary and appropriate and that by completing the application process, you understand that your data may be shared. We will use your personal data to carry out eligibility checks such as attendance at education institutions prior to any payment being made, Local Authority checks on benefits, and conducting surveys and processing your feedback regarding the schemes we deliver as part of the evaluation and monitoring process, to assess the quality of our services and use statistics to inform and improve our service delivery.

We process your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and if you have any concerns the Council’s Data Protection Officer can be contacted on

Condition For Processing Personal Data

It is necessary for us to process your personal data (name, address, contact details), under the GDPR with consent, and more personal data (date of birth, health, personal and household circumstances) as necessary for explicit consent, and for equalities data, a task carried out in the public  interest and a substantial task in the public interest.

A delay in you providing the information requested may result in a delay in providing appropriate services.

How long do we keep your information?

We will only hold your information for as long as is required by law and to provide you with the necessary services. This is likely to be for 7 years after the case is closed.

We may also anonymise some personal data you provide to us to ensure that you cannot be identified and use this for statistical analysis of data to allow the Council to effectively target and plan the provision of services. 

Information sharing

Your personal information may be shared with internal departments or with external partners and agencies involved in delivering services on our behalf. As stated above this will include London Borough of Tower Hamlets Revenues and Benefits Services, Governors and Information Service, DWP, external education institutions/settings such as sixth form, colleges, universities as required.

The council has a duty to protect public funds and may use personal information and data-matching techniques to detect and prevent fraud, and ensure public money is targeted and spent in the most appropriate and cost-effective way. Information may be shared with internal services and external bodies like the Audit Commission, Department for Work and Pensions, other local authorities, HM Revenue and Customs, and the Police. This activity is carried out under social protection law.

We have a duty to improve the health of the population we serve. To help with this, we use data and information from a range of sources including hospitals to understand more about the nature and causes of disease and ill-health in the area. This data would normally be anonymised and never used to make decisions on a specific individual or family.

Data Transfer to non EEA territory

We will not transfer your data outside of the EEA.

Automated decision making and Profiling

The service will process some of the data by computer and may therefore make automated decisions on your case. You can ask for this to be explained to you, please see the ‘your rights’ link below. We may also to some degree use the data to build a profile for you regarding service provision and priority.

Your Rights

You can find out more about your rights on our Data Protection page and this includes details of your rights about automated decisions, such as the ranking of Applications, and how to complain to the Information Commissioner.