Schools starting with the letters P to T

Schools starting with the letters P to T
School Streets and properties affected Restricted times (Monday to Friday)
Stebon Primary School Wallwood Street (all properties between St Paul’s Way and Thomas Road junction) 8.40am – 9.10am and 3.15 – 3.45pm
Stepney Park Primary Smithy Street  8.40am - 9.20am and 3.10pm - 3.50pm
St Paul and St Luke Primary School

Baythorne Street

Leopold Street

Perley House (Weatherly Close) 

Steinman House (Ackroyd Drive)  

8:15am – 9:00am and 3:00pm – 3:45pm
St Paul’s Way Foundation Primary School  


8.40 - 9.10am and 3.15 - 3.45pm
St Saviours Primary School

Chrisp Street (between Brabazon Street and Morris Road)

Godalming Road,

Hobday Street,

Carmen Street (between Bowen Street north kerb and Hobday Street)

Brabazon Street (between Alton Street and Chrisp Street).

 8:45 - 9:15am and 3.15 – 3:45pm