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Rabies protection

Rabies protection takes measures to ensure the disease doesn't affect human life

Recycling & waste at work

Find out how you can be more environmentally friendly by recycling the right way in the workplace.

Recycling and waste

Recycling and domestic waste services in Tower Hamlets.

Recycling and waste at home

Recycling and reducing waste at home

Referral orders

Referral orders for youth offenders aged 10-17 pleading guilty

Register a birth

Find out how to register a birth in Tower Hamlets

Register a death

Death should be registered in the district in which it takes place within five days of the date of death. Upon receipt of all required information pertaining to the deceased person a death certificate is issued by the registrar.

Register for WorkPath

Use the online form to register your interest with WorkPath

Registering a place for marriage and civil partnership ceremonies

People wishing to use their premises for civil marriages must be in possession of a licence which approves those premises.

Registering a place of worship for marriage ceremonies

A licence is needed by a minister, proprietor or trustee of a place of worship to become a place where marriages can take place
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