Parking permits

Residents parking permits terms and conditions

Please read the resident parking permit terms and conditions before applying.

Use our online application system to apply for a new permit

Online renewals of resident permits

You can renew your resident parking permit online if you have received a renewal letter containing your unique webcode, and none of the details of your permit have changed.

Parking permit applications

You must check make sure that you have the latest version as we are unable to process an application which is out-of-date. This should ensure that you have accurate and up-to-date information.

Application forms can also be obtained from your local One Stop Shop.

Permit fraud

Tower Hamlets has a specialist anti-fraud team investigating permit fraud, including counterfeit permits, stolen permits, misuse of disabled badges and forged permits. All reports are treated in strictest confidence. If you wish to report a suspected fraudulent use of a parking permit, contact: