No place for hate campaign

NPFH logoPledge against hate

Do you want to end hate in Tower Hamlets? Do you want to contribute to creating an environment where everyone can enjoy living, working and visiting Tower Hamlets - free from fear, intimidation and attack?

The 'No Place for Hate Campaign Pledge' launched December 10, 2008, World Human Rights Day and the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Everyone has a part to play. Organisations and individuals can sign the pledge against hate. The No Place for Hate Campaign Pledge will strengthen our commitment to eradicate hate in Tower Hamlets.

It is often those who are most vulnerable in our communities that suffer alone and in silence. Our goal is to build ‘One Tower Hamlets’ where there is a strong spirit of community and people from different backgrounds get on well together.

We must not allow any room for complacency. Sadly, there are still some who hurt, intimidate and threaten others because of hatred and prejudice. This is never acceptable.

We hope that agencies providing services to the local community and individual people in Tower Hamlets will be prepared to support and sign the Pledge to make a public condemnation of hate. Join the pledge today, make your public condemnation of hate and find out how you can contribute to making No Place for Hate a reality.

Together we can make Tower Hamlets No Place for Hate