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Local Self Build registration

The Local Self Build Register allows you to make your details available the council about yourself and the areas where you'd like to build your own home or have one built for you. 

Your details

This is a register that lets you provide details about the kind of self build or custom build project you want to take part in. The information will be reviewed by the council and help us to support custom build and self build in Tower Hamlets. This could include  making plots available as well as shaping local policies and plans.

The questions

To give the council a clear picture of your needs, you will be asked to enter some detailed information about your current circumstances as well as details including timescales and the size and design of the home you would like to build.

Registering your details is likely to take around 15 to 20 minutes.

Your area of interest

While opportunities for custom build and self build increase, the council will need to explore how to support interest expressed in the borough.

It should be noted that  there is no guarantee that the council can  provide plots or provide other specific forms of support for self build or custom build projects.

Your privacy

The information that you enter will be treated as confidential. For more information please see our data protection policy.

  • Registration form
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  • Name
  • Your nationality
  • Are you over 18 years of age?
  • Which age group are you in?
  • Address
  • Can the Local Self Build Register contact you directly to ask further questions and/or send you news of relevant custom build opportunities? This will allow us to send you the Local Self Build Register newsletter and specific news about projects that are relevant to your areas of interest