Support for Afghan refugees

The council is working closely with its partners to help refugees fleeing from Afghanistan, by giving them the support they need to re-build their lives in the UK.

Plans are continuing to be developed, and include an initial pledge from the council to rehouse up to five families. The council does recognise the additional housing challenge due to the shortage of larger family-sized properties in the borough.

Additional support will include helping families to settle into the local community, access benefits, employment and other local services like schools and doctors. 

Further updates will be provided as the range of support is further developed. This will include information on how local people and organisations can pledge their support to refugees.

The Government has promised to allow 20,000 people who have fled from the country since the Taliban took charge in August to settle in the UK over the next five years. The majority of those who have been flown out of the country are translators and their families, and others who worked alongside British forces and organisations in Afghanistan.

Many risked their lives in order to get into the airport in Kabul and onto flights out of the country, and efforts are continuing to allow for more people at risk to leave Afghanistan and reach safe countries, including the UK.

How you can give your support

There are a number of ways you can support refugee families and we will continue to add to this page as opportunities develop in the future.

There is no immediate need for donations such as clothes, but do look out for specific requests for items that may be needed in the weeks and months ahead. Even very small financial contributions can make a huge difference, so do consider this if you are able to.

You can donate to the London Refugee Response set up with leadership from the Mayor of London, London Councils and charitable funders from across London so Londoners can provide much needed support to new arrivals from Afghanistan, (and potentially refugees and people seeking asylum from other countries living in London).

Sign up to the Volunteer Hub and volunteer your time with Volunteer Centre Tower Hamlets to help Afghan or other refugees and asylum seekers. The team will be compiling a list of volunteers and will get in touch with those who have signed up once specific roles are developed. 

Please also consider supporting Praxis and Care4Calais in their work with refugees.