Performance management

Improving Tower Hamlets - measuring our performance 

The council is committed to improving outcomes for residents. Our corporate priorities and outcomes are found in our Strategic Plan and provide a framework for action. 

We regularly monitor our progress in delivering Strategic Plan actions and performance indicators. This promotes openness, transparency and accountability by providing our residents and other key stakeholders with an update on the activities that impact on their lives and on the communities they live in. 

Performance monitoring reports







External inspection

LGA Peer Review

In June 2018 the council commissioned an independent Peer Review by the Local Government Association (LGA). This was in line with the Secretary of State’s (SoS) directions.

A small team of local government peers came to Mulberry Place and reviewed the council’s governance, including how we had responded to previous directions and if we were delivering continued improvement to local residents and businesses.

The team identified 11 recommendations for further improvement. They also recommended another light touch review in two years.  

The findings of this 2018 Peer Review and progress demonstrated in delivering our Best Value Action Plan, ensured the SoS was satisfied that the council was performing well and that the intervention should end.

While the Covid-19 pandemic slightly impacted timescales, the follow up visit took place in September 2021.

The LGA Peer Team looked at areas critical to the councils’ performance and improvement. Although it focussed on a recommendation from the 2018 review, the council now needs to grasp opportunities and drive the pace of change to achieve the potential of the place.

Their final findings report show that the council continues to make good progress on its improvement journey.

It highlights the Mayor’s understanding of community needs and that, alongside Cabinet Members, he provides a stable and community focused political leadership.

It also acknowledges good member-officer relationships, as well as our strong and cohesive Senior Leadership Team.

The report recognises how partnership working came to the fore during the pandemic and how this continues to strengthen for the benefit of residents.

It also states that partners are strongly committed to the ambitions of the place.

The Peer Team celebrates the council’s response to the pandemic and our continued work to improve services for our communities as well as how we continually strive to improve the lives of residents.


They identified six recommendations for further improvement:

  1. A clear understanding of the Mayor’s priorities for all and a continued focus on delivery within clear timescales.
  2. It is imperative to continue the work currently underway to close previous years’ accounts as a matter of urgency, and to have procedures in place to prevent a recurrence of the late or delayed sign off.
  3. Continue to improve and embed the Council’s governance, including decision-making and scrutiny arrangements, the TOWER values and compliance with the Constitution.
  4. Continue to strengthen the senior leadership team by completing the current recruitment programme.
  5. Accelerate the delivery of your communication strategy and face-to-face contact with residents and businesses.
  6. Speed up the return to a new normal working and further take forward your work on recovery ensuring pace and delivery.

The next steps are to consider the recommendations and prepare the council’s response which will be agreed by Cabinet in January 2022.