Equalities in Tower Hamlets

The council is committed to ensuring that equality is at the heart of everything we do, from the money we spend, the people we employ to the services we provide. Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths and we work with our partners to provide accessible and responsive services that enable us to improve outcomes for local people. By ensuring we meet local needs it helps us deliver value for money, improve customer services and our reputation, and enables us to empower local people to lead fulfilling lives.

Equality in Tower Hamlets is first and foremost addressed through the Tower Hamlets Plan and Strategic Plan which set the strategic direction for the council and its partners. Equality is embedded throughout these plans and is a key driver for everything we do.

Borough Equality Assessment (BEA)

The Borough Equality Assessment is an assessment of equality in Tower Hamlets by our strategic plan outcome areas. The BEA used intelligence from national, regional and local data, engagement with local people through our equality forums and engagement with council and partner services to identify equality issues and performance challenges. The BEA is supplemented by our bi-annual Borough Profile which provides data to enable us to understand our progress and areas of continuous challenges.

Borough Profile

The Borough Profile brings together the key facts and figures about Tower Hamlets into one consolidated report. It presents the challenges and opportunities that make up the fabric of the borough.

Gender pay gap

We are required to publish information on the differences in pay between men and women on our website.  We have decided to include pay gap data in relation to ethnicity, disability, religion, sexuality and age.

For our reports please visit our gender pay gap page.