Fairness Commission

The Tower Hamlets Fairness Commission was set up by the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, to tackle inequality in the borough.

It’s a new way of thinking and working together to consider the big issues facing the borough and its residents in light of the country’s current social and economic challenges.

The Fairness Commission is an independent body run by the Chair and Commissioners with support provided by Tower Hamlets Council and its research partner, Toynbee Hall.

Between November 2012 and March 2013 the Commissioners gathered evidence based on research and conversations with residents, businesses and voluntary and community groups.

Several public meetings were held focussing on the themes of communities and housing; income and employment inequalities; and safety nets and mutual responsibility..

The Report

The Fairness Commission launched its report on Monday September 30. It challenges the council, big business and government to adopt radical policies to stimulate housing, jobs and fair credit in boroughs like Tower Hamlets.

Read the full Fairness Commission report here.

A summary booklet for the report is also available to download.  

Evidence packs

The following evidence packs provide an introduction to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and to the concept of fairness. They have been prepared for the Commissioners as background reading to their discussions.


How can we look out for each other?

Communities and Housing

Is Tower Hamlets rich or poor? - Part I - Poverty, debt, and unemployment, Part II - The economy, skills and opportunities.

How you can get involved

You can follow the Commission on Twitter @THfairness  or tell us what you think using #tellgiles.

Dr Giles Fraser, Chair of the Tower Hamlets Fairness Commission, writes the Loose Canon column for the Guardian. His latest column, which looks at social solidarity in Tower Hamlets, can be read online now.