Grants and resources

There are a wide range of grants and funding options available to residents of Tower Hamlets, from community grants and business grants to information on student loans and grants that aim to support children and families.

Whether these are schemes that we administer ourselves, or schemes based at UK government or EU level, we provide you with all the information and links to get what you need.

Student loan

Information on student loans can be found at DirectGov’s Student finance page.

Community grants

Tower Hamlets community funding database enables you to search for schemes and funds available in Tower Hamlets that match your organisation's profile.

Online Grant Portal

This database of grants awarded allows searching by Ward and Fund Type for grants awarded since 2012.

The information currently provided within this portal does not include all of the Voluntary and Community Sector grants awarded by the Council. The site is still in the development stage; and in due course the intention is to incorporate the full range of grants.

Please note that the grant amounts referred to within this information portal are the total funds that were approved for the projects: the figures do not represent the amounts that have actually ‘been paid’ to the organisations, as grant funding is released periodically subject to satisfactory project performance.