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Mayor's Cup grant

Under this funding stream grants up to £500 are available to any voluntary or community sector football organisation based in Tower Hamlets. It may be used for a range of purposes like improving access to or involvement in grass-roots football. 

Before applying


Aim of the Mayor’s Cup Grant Awards

To identify a fair and transparent process the authority follows to award additional tournament funds.

1. Purpose of this guidance note

1.1 These guidance notes set out how the Mayor’s Cup Grant Awards will be managed. It provides clear guidance to those involved in the administration of the scheme, provides a transparent process to ensure grant are awarded fairly and openly and gives those applying, further information on the selection stages involved.

2. Applications

2.1 The Mayor’s Cup Grant Awards application scheme. To be considered for an award, a football club or community football organisation based in Tower Hamlets and serving its residents must apply on the grants page or complete and submit a paper application form by post.

2.2 Priority will be given to applications from groups who have not received the award before.

3. Eligibility criteria for participation

3.1 Please read section 10 (Grant Eligibility) of the paper application form to ensure you comply with points 1 to 5.

3.2 Applications can be made by football clubs or community football organisations based in Tower Hamlets and providing services for its residents except those excluded under the general exclusions set out as follows

3.2 General exclusions

3.2.1 Football clubs/Community Football organisations that are not constituted.

3.2.2 Football clubs/Community Football organisation that do not have a club bank account.

3.2.3 Football clubs/Community Football organisations that are not affiliated to their sport’s National Governing Body (NGB).

3.2.4 Football clubs/Community Football organisations that have not been established in Tower Hamlets for more than 3 years. Over 3 years would indicate a proven track record of community based service.

3.2.5 Any Football/Community Football organisation club in which a member of the selection panel, Mayor’s Cup Advisory Board, sponsors or current employee of Tower Hamlets Council is actively involved.

4. Submission of applications

4.1 The opening and closing date and time for submitting applications are:

- Open: 7 January 2019
- Close: 18 January 2019 at 5pm GMT

4.2 Only applications received between these dates will be accepted. Submissions received after the closing date and time will not be considered.

4.3 The easiest way to apply in on this page

4.4 Those without internet access can obtain paper application forms from the council’s Sports Projects Manager, who can be contacted on 020 7364 2681. Football clubs/Community Football organisation can only submit one application.

4.4 The application form

4.4.1 No applications other than those submitted using the application forms issued will be accepted. Incomplete forms will not be considered

4.4.2  Applicants must have the permission of the Football club/Community Football organisation they are applying for and be able to provide details of the Club/Community Football organisation and how the club intend to spend the award if they are successful

4.4.3  Applicants must explain the application process to clubs/groups they represent (including the fact that the council will ask for evidence/proof of use of the award in line with what the application form states and also use their contact details to get in touch).

4.4.4  If the applicant is under 18 years of age on the date of the application, the applicant must inform his or her parent/guardian of their intention to apply and obtain the parent/guardian’s consent to do so.

4.4.5  Applicants are responsible for providing correct details for the clubs/community football organisations they represent. Incorrect contact details will not be followed up and the council will reject the application if it is unable to make contact.

4.4.6  If more than one application is received for the same applicant/club/ community football organisations, only the first application received will be considered

4.4.7 For postal applications, 9am on the day after the postal stamp will be considered the time of submission for all application forms, provided the form is received at the correct address prior to the published closing date. If more than one application with the same postal stamp is received, the Awards Administrator will draw one application.

5. Initial check of submissions

5.1 After the closing date: week commencing 21 January 2019

6. Long listing process

6.1 Undertaken by council officers - week commencing 21 January 2019

7. Participant long listing and selection panel

7.1     The selection panel’s members’ decisions are final and no further correspondence will be considered regarding their decisions. Applicants are asked as part of this guidance note to acknowledge and accept with full understanding that the 'the council, the selection panel or the sponsors will not be liable for any costs or losses caused in respect of your application or involvement in these awards'.

7.2    The criteria to be used to assess applications are: 

  • a written submission (no longer than 300 words), articulating how the grant money would be spent, in what time frame and how it would benefit the club/group and the residents of Tower Hamlets.
  • the level of impact that the applicant Club/community football organisations has had on community life and/or grassroots sports in Tower Hamlets as demonstrated by real and tangible changes to the lives of individuals.
  • the extent to which the activities undertaken by the applicant group/club are innovative or address specific local problems rather than simply replicating what is being done elsewhere.

8. Grant Award distribution

8.1  The Awards Administrator or his/her appointed representative will write to all successful applicants, advising them of the grant awarded to them subject to the terms and conditions. Successful applicants may need to provide further details and confirm in writing that they will adhere to the terms and conditions associated with the grant. If successful applicants are unable to or refuse to confirm they can, they will be removed from the selection process and someone from the reserve list will take their place.

9. Grant Award distribution

9.1. Grant Awards will be distributed to successful applicants at a ceremony to be arranged at a later date.

9.2 Successful applicants will be required to collect their awards in person from the council’s named office at an agreed date and time.

9.3 Successful applicants will be required to sign a receipt confirming that they have received the award allocated to them.

10. Data protection

10.1 By submitting an application form, applicants agree to the personal data supplied to the council in connection with the application being processed in accordance with the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. Applicants agree that this personal data can be used to verify the accuracy of information provided to the council and/or to investigate any matters in respect of a person’s involvement with the Mayor’s Cup Grant Awards.

10.2 Personal data about the applicant and the Club/Community Football organisation provided through the application process will be held until 31 December 2019. The applicant or the Club/community football organisations may request to be removed from the application process, and their personal data deleted from the council’s database, at any stage.

11. Publicity

11.1 Successful Clubs/community football organisations may be asked to participate in photo calls and other publicity. Any such participation would be subject to signing separate standard release forms as required by the council’s communications department.

12. Equality of access

12.1 The Mayor’s Cup Grant Awards are open to all residents of Tower Hamlets, subject to the minimum age restriction and the general exclusions stated above. Age restrictions also apply in order to ensure that appropriate permission is sought from parents/guardians in cases where the applicant is under the age of 18.

12.2  All applications will be assessed on merit and selection panel members will review nominations without knowing who the individual is. This will ensure awards are based on evidence and not influenced by knowing the nominee’s identity.


Make sure you read the guidance before applying. 

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Community grants

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Online Grant Portal

This database of grants awarded allows searching by Ward and Fund Type for grants awarded since 2012.

The information currently provided within this portal does not include all of the Voluntary and Community Sector grants awarded by the Council. The site is still in the development stage; and in due course the intention is to incorporate the full range of grants.

Please note that the grant amounts referred to within this information portal are the total funds that were approved for the projects: the figures do not represent the amounts that have actually ‘been paid’ to the organisations, as grant funding is released periodically subject to satisfactory project performance.