Commercial property

We have a portfolio of 200 shops located in the borough. When some of these commercial units become available for letting we advertise them on our commercial lettings page.

All commercial property lettings are managed by our asset management services.

We are also responsible for ensuring the community has access to property buildings that are in good condition and available to as many people are possible.

Coronavirus rent deferral scheme

We are sympathetic to tenants who have been impacted by local and national restrictions.

We are also facing financial challenges as a result of Covid-19 and need to balance our role as a responsible landlord, against the challenge of generating income to support much needed services.

Changes in restrictions and organisations’ trading patterns and financial resilience makes it difficult to design a one size fits all policy.

We are therefore requesting that organisations contact our asset management team directly if they are having difficulties paying the rent.

Cases will be assessed individually but the following factors will guide our decision:

  1. We will look more sympathetically at tenants with a good payment record before covid, as this demonstrates sound practice and resilience.
  2. Where our due diligence suggests that organisations hold cash reserves equivalent to more than 18 months of rent (and service charge where applicable), we are less likely to grant deferral requests.

Commercial lettings

The council provides a list of properties or land currently available to let within the borough.