Commercial property

The council has a portfolio of 200 shops located in the borough of Tower Hamlets. From time to time certain of these commercial units become available for letting; these are advertised on the website. All commercial property lettings are managed by the council’s asset management services. In addition, the council is also responsible for ensuring that the community has access to council property buildings that are in good condition and available to as wide a range of individuals and groups as possible.

Coronavirus rent deferral scheme

We recognise that businesses in Tower Hamlets are facing a unique challenge due to the coronavirus pandemic. To support those businesses for whom we are the landlord, we have launched a rent deferral scheme.

It is aimed at allowing businesses to manage their cash flow, relieving stress during this unprecedented period and making it easier to meet immediate financial commitments such as paying staff and suppliers and meeting running costs.

The scheme will enable tenants to delay the payment of their rent for three calendar months from 1 April 2020.  

The expectation is that the deferred rent payments should be paid in full by 31 March 2021, however we understand that there may be some businesses that require an extension due to hardship and in such circumstances, we will give consideration to special arrangements.   

Businesses will be eligible to apply for a rent deferral if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • The premises have been closed in accordance with the government guidance on closing certain businesses and venues.
  • The premises have been closed by the council due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The business cannot trade.
  • The business has been granted business rates relief as part of the government relief scheme.
  • The business is considered micro or SME in accordance with current government guidance.

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If you have questions about the scheme, please email

Commercial lettings

The council provides a list of properties or land currently available to let within the borough.