Strategic Plan 2020-23

The Strategic Plan is a central part of the council’s Performance Management and Accountability Framework and is the main strategic business planning document of the Council. It sets out the corporate priorities and outcomes, the high level activities that will be undertaken to deliver the outcomes, as well as the measures that will help us determine whether we are achieving the outcomes.

In line with the budget setting process, the Strategic Plan is a rolling three-year plan which is updated annually so that it accurately reflects the council’s priorities.

In July 2020, Cabinet approved a renewed 2020-23 Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan has been reviewed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact this has had in almost every area of people’s lives. It sets out how the council will address both challenges and opportunities identified in the ‘Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 in Tower Hamlets’ report. As a result, some of the actions in the Strategic Plan have been re-prioritised and others have been reshaped. Running through the Strategic Plan is a recognition that we need to do things differently in order to meet the financial challenges we are facing as a council. To help address both this and the impact of COVID-19, we will need to work ever-closer with partners and with residents. We know from the response to the pandemic that much can be achieved here, and we will continue to build on this as we go forward.

The plan is a key link in the ‘Golden Thread’ and used to inform directorate, service and team planning. It also sets out how the council will deliver the objective and priorities set out in the new Tower Hamlets Plan developed by the Tower Hamlets Strategic Partnership.

The council is looking to deliver the following priorities and outcomes over the next three years:

Priority 1

People are aspirational, independent and have equal access to opportunities

  1. People access a range of education, training, and employment opportunities.
  2. Children and young people are protected so they get the best start in life and can realise their potential
  3. People access joined-up services when they need them and feel healthier and more independent
  4. Inequality is reduced and people feel that they fairly share the benefits from growth.

Priority 2

A borough that our residents are proud of and love to live in

  1. People live in a borough that is clean and green.
  2. People live in good quality affordable homes and well-designed neighbourhoods.
  3. People feel safer in their neighbourhoods and anti-social behaviour is tackled.
  4. People feel they are part of a cohesive and vibrant community.

Priority 3

A dynamic, outcomes-based council using digital innovation and partnership working to respond to the changing needs of our borough

  1. People say we are open and transparent putting residents at the heart of everything we do.
  2. People say we work together across boundaries in a strong and effective partnership to achieve the best outcomes for our residents.
  3. People say we continuously seek innovation and strive for excellence to embed a culture of sustainable improvement.

Download the strategic plan 2020-2023