Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan represents the council's contribution to delivering the borough-wide Community Plan, agreed by the Tower Hamlets Partnership and in particular how our activity will contribute to making Tower Hamlets:

  • a great place to live
  • a prosperous community
  • a safe and cohesive community
  • a healthy and supportive community.

and how the council will further the aims of One Tower Hamlets – a more equal and cohesive borough with strong community leadership.

The Strategic Plan themes and achievements

At a time of reducing resources, the new Strategic Plan has a focus on:

  • creating opportunity by supporting aspiration and tackling poverty
  • creating and maintaining a vibrant, successful place and
  • Working smarter together as one team with our partners and community

The council will do this by targeting our resources at the right people at the right time; empowering our communities and designing services around them; and shaping the place and harnessing growth, technology and innovation.  The Strategic Plan builds on our achievements in 2016/17, which include:

  • increasing the number of affordable homes, including those which are family sized for social rent
  • increasing the number of people supported into sustainable jobs;
  • increasing educational attainment at early years, key stage 2, GCSE and
  • increasing the percentage of our waste sent to recycling

Download the Strategic Plan 2016-19

Download the SP Delivery Plan