Strategic Plan 2022-26

The Strategic Plan is the council’s most important document as it set out what will be delivered between 2022 and 2026.

Our priorities

The Strategic Plan is made up of eight priorities.

1. Tackling the cost-of-living crisis

with measures including freezing council tax for four years, and additional financial support for residents.

2. Providing homes for the future

By working with developers and housing associations to deliver a minimum of 1000 social homes for rent each year.

3. Accelerating education

through a series of learning interventions and financial support, investing in youth services, and increasing opportunities for younger people to go into further education.

4. Boosting culture, business, jobs, and leisure

With measures including supporting small businesses, start-ups, and markets; creating jobs and training opportunities; and one hour free parking at our markets.

5. Investing in public services

For example by bringing outsourced services back into public hands.

6. Empowering communities and fighting crime

for example by working with the police to have more uniformed officers on the streets.

7. Working towards a clean and green future

By establishing a Mayor’s advisory board to guide our response to climate change and a host of green measures including green heating systems on housing estates and electric vehicle charging.

8. A council that listens and works for everyone


Download the Strategic Plan 2022-2026