Tower Hamlets Partnership

The Tower Hamlets Partnership (referred to below as the Partnership) is the borough's Local Strategic Partnership and was launched in November 2001, bringing together key stakeholders to work together to provide and improve services for local residents. Members of the Partnership include the council, police, the Primary Care Trust, public services, voluntary and community groups, faith communities, local businesses and residents.

In particular it gives residents more powerful input in the way services are provided and ensures that all aspects of the community work together to achieve the objectives of our Community Plan. The Partnership helps bring local people to the decision making table in a variety of ways; from the very local level through to borough-wide initiatives, it helps to ensure that services are not only offered to the highest of standards but also offer the best value for money possible.

By working towards one set of goals and targets - the Community Plan - all of these organisations aim to improve the services they offer and make Tower Hamlets an even better place to live, work and visit.

Our responsibilities

The Partnership is responsible for developing and delivering the Community Plan, which sets out the borough's key priorities and targets, and describes the ideal living and working situation in the borough, according to all stakeholders. The Partnership delivers this plan in a number of ways, with all work contributing to one of four themes.

Our Community Plan aims to make Tower Hamlets a better place to work, live or visit. The Partnership has recently refreshed the Community Plan, focussing on aspirations until the year 2020. The four themes for the new Community Plan are:

In addition to these themes is the overarching aim of One Tower Hamlets, a separate theme which cuts through each of the others. One Tower Hamlets encompasses work towards tackling inequality, strengthening cohesion and building community leadership and personal responsibility.

Thousands of people have contributed to creating the Community Plan, including residents, businesses, voluntary and community organisations as well as key public services, to improve the lives of local people by joining up services.

The Partnership is not a service provider in its own right. It works through the activities of all of our partners, co-ordinating and facilitating improvements and joining up work where needed.

Our approach is to tap into the resources and expertise of individuals and organisations within the local community to develop creative solutions and to be ready to grasp the many opportunities available in Tower Hamlets.