Tower Hamlets Partnership

The Tower Hamlets Strategic Partnership is the borough's Local Strategic Partnership. It brings together key stakeholders to improve services and outcomes for local residents. In particular it aims to provide residents with opportunities to shape, influence and inform the development of the borough’s main partnership plans. It seeks to improve the way services are designed and delivered as well as achieving key outcomes.

The Tower Hamlets Partnership reconvened in January 2017, with a Partnership Executive Group (PEG) comprising of senior officers from the Council, the NHS, Metropolitan Police, London Fire Brigade, Tower Hamlets Council for Voluntary Service, Queen Mary University, Tower Hamlets College, East London Business Alliance, Tower Hamlets Housing Forum, Canary Wharf Group, Tower Hamlets Interfaith Forum and local school representatives. Partners want to work together to identify creative and innovative new ways of delivering effective and efficient services and providing strategic leadership on complex, cross-cutting issues.

In July 2018, the Partnership published the Tower Hamlets Plan. The five-year plan sets out the key objective which partners believe they can collectively influence: tackling inequality by building a strong, inclusive and fair borough.

The Plan identifies four areas of focus through which it will be delivered:

  • a better deal for children and young people: aspiration, education and skills
  • good jobs and employment
  • strong, resilient and safe communities
  • better health and wellbeing

Download the Tower Hamlets Plan 2018-2023 Full Document or One Page Summary.

The Partnership is not a service provider in its own right. It works through the activities of all the partners, co-ordinating and facilitating improvements and joining up work where needed.

Our approach is to tap into the resources and expertise of individuals and organisations within the local community to develop creative solutions and to be ready to grasp the many opportunities available in Tower Hamlets.

Annual report (2021)

See our findings on the Tower Hamlets Plan Annual Report. Which outlines the key priorities, activities, challenges and achievements against the Tower Hamlets Plan, over the last year.

Tower Hamlets Children and Family Strategy 2019 - 2024



We are proud to introduce the new Children and Families Strategy for the next 5 years. Our children deserve every chance to live fulfilling, enriching lives, and be valued members of our community. Together, we will support them to seize those opportunities.

For more information please refer to the Tower Hamlets Children and Family Strategy document.

You can also view the chidren and family strategy plan which outlines the strategy that we intend to carry out.