A Tower Hamlets for All: Our Partnership Plan 2023-2028

Our vision

‘Residents and partners working together to improve quality of life, advance equality, opportunity, and empowered communities’

TH Partnership Plan 2023-2028

The Tower Hamlets Partnership Plan 2023-2028 describes the Tower Hamlets Partnership's vision for the next five years. It shows what the borough wants to achieve and what is most important. This plan guides all other strategies and plans of the partnership, including the council's Strategic Plan.

Developing our new Partnership Plan

Work on ‘A Tower Hamlets for All’ was led by a group of partner representatives. The group reviewed the latest data about Tower Hamlets and its residents, and achievements of the Partnership so far. In 2022, the group began talking to people about Tower Hamlets.

They wanted to know what the borough should be like in 10 years. They also wanted to hear ideas on how to make it happen together. To gather opinions, we did a survey called 'Tower Hamlets for All'. We went to community meetings and youth clubs.

We also hosted workshops and set up stalls at events. The response was great! Over 700 people shared their ideas. These discussions helped to shape ‘A Tower Hamlets for All’ - this new Partnership Plan. 

A Tower Hamlets for All

‘A Tower Hamlets for All’ has identified five important calls to action. These calls address the issues that matter most to residents. The Tower Hamlets Partnership believes that by working together, we can empower action on these issues. We will work together to reduce inequalities among residents from different backgrounds. This includes addressing gaps in health, earnings, education, housing, and opportunity. We will also tackle environmental challenges and improve our neighborhoods.

Our goal is to create safe communities where people get along well. We will create a child-friendly borough where children and young people have every chance to ‘Accelerate’ and be successful.

  1. Call to action 1: Tower Hamlets will be a fair, inclusive and an anti-racist borough
  2. Call to action 2: Everyone in Tower Hamlets should be able to enjoy good mental health and wellbeing
  3. Call to action 3: Everyone in Tower Hamlets should feel safe and live in good-quality homes and healthy, inviting neighbourhoods 
  4. Call to action 4: Everyone in Tower Hamlets should have access to good work and skills and an
  5. Call to action 5: A child-friendly borough where children and young people from all backgrounds thrive, achieve their best, have opportunities and are listened to

Improvement principles

Our improvement principles will guide us in working together to improve the social, economic, and environmental wellbeing of the borough and our people. We are 'One Tower Hamlets'.

With the help of our residents, partners, and great energy, we will work together to address systemic issues and improve the standard of living for everyone in Tower Hamlets.

A Tower Hamlets for All is a plan for all of us. We want our residents to take part. We want them to have power, get involved, influence the services they want and need, and create meaningful change to improve their lives, neighbourhood's, and the borough.

You can download ‘A Tower Hamlets for All’

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