Tower Hamlets Plan 2018-2023

The Tower Hamlets Plan 2018-23 sets out  the Tower Hamlets Partnership’s five year vision for the borough, articulating local aspirations, needs and priorities. It informs all other strategies and delivery plans of the partnership, including the council’s Strategic Plan.


In the summer of 2017, we commissioned a range of information-gathering projects to provide a robust evidence base for a new borough plan. We met with our partners, stakeholders and residents to understand the local concerns. We have used this information to help us identify our key objective for this plan: tackling inequality by building a strong, inclusive and fair borough and the four themes that we will focus on. These are:

  • a better deal for children and young people: aspiration, education and skills
  • good jobs and employment
  • strong, resilient and safe communities
  • better health and wellbeing.

The Tower Hamlets Plan is a plan for all of us - those of us who live in the borough, people who work and study here and our thriving voluntary and community sector.

You can download the Tower Hamlets Plan as a Full document  or one page summary.

Annual reports

Our 2021-22 Tower Hamlets Plan Annual Report is a light review of the Tower Hamlets Partnership. It outlines the priorities, activities, and impact of partnership.

This will help deliver the goals set out in the Tower Hamlets Plan to reduce inequalities and increase opportunities. The partnership priorities this year have included:

  • Responding to the of Covid-19 pandemic, its challenges and impact on the borough and communities
  • Developing a race inequality action plan and investing more than £1.5m to take forward the recommendations from the inequalities commission
  • Improving community safety
  • Delivering improvements to health services
  • Tackling the climate emergency

Within the framework of the current Tower Hamlets Plan, the review sets out the Partnership’s key cross-cutting priorities going forward to reduce inequalities. This includes

  • taking forward existing priorities and a focus on building back from the pandemic
  • inclusive growth and levelling up
  • digital inclusion
  • children’s development and opportunities
  • addressing mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • improving community cohesion
  • promoting the borough as a destination.

2022–23 is the final year of the current Tower Hamlets Plan. A new Partnership Plan (2023-2028) will be developed with stakeholders across the borough. This includes:

  • residents
  • public sector, academic and business organisations
  • voluntary, community and faith groups

It will launch in summer 2023.