Tower Hamlets Plan 2018-2023

The Tower Hamlets Plan 2018-23 sets out  the Tower Hamlets Partnership’s five year vision for the borough, articulating local aspirations, needs and priorities. It informs all other strategies and delivery plans of the partnership, including the council’s Strategic Plan.


In the summer of 2017, we commissioned a range of information-gathering projects to provide a robust evidence base for a new borough plan. We met with our partners, stakeholders and residents to understand the local concerns. We have used this information to help us identify our key objective for this plan: tackling inequality by building a strong, inclusive and fair borough and the four themes that we will focus on. These are:

  • a better deal for children and young people: aspiration, education and skills
  • good jobs and employment
  • strong, resilient and safe communities
  • better health and wellbeing.

The Tower Hamlets Plan is a plan for all of us - those of us who live in the borough, people who work and study here and our thriving voluntary and community sector.

You can download the Tower Hamlets Plan as a Full document  or one page summary

Annual report (2021)

The 2021 Tower Hamlets Plan Annual Report outlines the key priorities, activities and achievements against the Tower Hamlets Plan, over the last 18 months. With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic being felt across the borough and beyond, this has been one of the most challenging periods since the Plan was adopted. The Report acknowledges this and recognises the importance partnership working, with partner organisations as well as our communities, has played in responding to the pandemic.

The report also sets out the Tower Hamlets Partnership’s key areas of focus going forward, reflecting our joint understanding of the most severe impacts of the pandemic and the framework outlined in the Tower Hamlets Plan. Addressing inequality, including improving digital inclusion, runs through all of these areas. We will also build on the exceptional collaborative working seen during the pandemic and ensure this is strengthened for the future.

Download the Annual Report