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What is self build?

Consultation update

We are pleased to announce that following the recent consultation, the affordable self-build policy and guidance have been approved. This paves the way for the launch of the affordable self-build programme and the release of the first two sites for self-build.

COVID-19: launch postponed

In the interest of safety, we are postponing the launch of the first two sites on Lark Row and Christian Street until further notice.

We will be reviewing the situation and the relevant government guidance regularly and we hope to release the sites for bidding when it is safe to do so.

We will continue to update prospective bidders via the Self-Build forum and through our partners at Community Led Housing London.

If you have any questions during this time you can send them to self-build@towerhamlets.gov.uk and we will respond as soon as possible.

We thank you for your patience in this matter and wish you all well during this uncertain time.

What is self-build and custom build?

Self-build housing is where individuals or groups of individuals directly organise the design and construction of their own homes. This covers a wide range of projects including a traditional DIY self-build, to projects where self-builders employ someone to build their homes or a group of people build their own homes together.

Custom build housing is where you work with a developer as an individual or a group to help deliver your own home. The developer may help to find a plot, manage the construction and arrange the finance for your new home. This is more of a hands-off approach, but homes can be tailored to meet individual requirements with different levels of customisation. 

Community-led housing is where people and communities play a leading role in addressing their own housing needs. It has many overlaps with group self-build and custom-build, but also considers the long-term ownership or management, and where any benefits (such as affordability) are legally protected.

Additional information

The following information is provided by way of reference and guidance only. The council does not accept any responsibility for the content of external sites, though you may find their content useful:

  • Mayor of London: making small sites available to small builders  
  • Community Led Housing London is a resource and advice hub with revenue funding available for community led housing groups
  • The Self-Build Portal  provides a wide range of information on self-build and custom housebuilding. It is produced by the National Custom and Self-Build Association (NaCSBA)
  • NaCSBA has also assembled an online toolkit to provide further information on and highlight examples of self-build and custom housebuilding from the UK and Europe. The toolkit can be found at the Right to Build toolkit
  • There is a range of information including self-build finance providers and insurers set out on the Build Store website (please note that this is a commercial website and the council is not responsible for its content)
  • The government has also prepared a Planning Practice guidance on Self-build and Custom Housebuilding
  • The construction of new build dwellings is not subject to VAT, so self-builders can reclaim their VAT within 3 months of completing the work. Further information should be sought from HMRC.