Cockney Rebels exhibition shines light on a rich history of music in the borough

Cockney rebels

Cockney Rebels

Our Noise Control Team collaborates with Arts and Events and external partners to manage outdoor music events. These events have a long history in Tower Hamlets. You can learn more by visiting the Idea Store or attending the Cocky Rebel exhibition.

Understanding the past, shaping the future

 Our noise team visited the exhibition and shared their experience:

The information collated for the team to view was so interesting, we wished that we’d had more time. There are lots of quirky things about Tower Hamlets that we found out about during our visit.

So many of the documents the archivists had taken out for us were relevant to the work we do now, and this really helps to emphasise a connection to the borough.

Looking at the archives from so many years ago, we could see how workers and residents of the past shaped the environment we now work in.

It highlighted that what we do influences how the borough might be in the future. Our decisions today may one day be part of the Tower Hamlets archive!

Posted on Friday 5th July 2024