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Education and partnership

Intelligence and Performance

What Our Team does:

We provide a comprehensive performance and data service covering the full range of the borough's children's education. This involves ensuring that managers and other stakeholders across the Tower Hamlets Partnership are provided with high quality data to support planning and performance management.

The Team helps to improve outcomes for children and families by ensuring that Government Departments, the Local Authority, The Directorate, Service Managers and Schools Management, etc. are able to base sound business decisions on our analysis of their data and through our work: to improve the data quality and to support the staff (involved in both the statutory and non-statutory data collections) from Schools, Social Care and other data managers, to enable these collections to be as robust as possible.

Meryem Dilgil

Intelligence & Performance Manager (Education)

Tel No: 020 7364 6887


David Saxton

Intelligence & Performance Officer

Tel No: 020 7 364 49 42  


Evangeline Wylde

Intelligence & Performance Support Officer

Tel No: 020 7 364 22 56


Sumaya Munim

Intelligence & Performance Support Officer

Tel No: 020 7 364 4236



2018-19 Data Collection Calendar

School Contacts Template
(please use this to provide our team with your latest in-school contacts by emailing a completed copy to us) DfE Performance Table

Government School Performance Tables (e.g. for 2011 data onwards)

DfE's Data Publication Research Gateway (e.g. for Statistical First Releases, etc.)


The recommended method of securely sending personal data to our Team... please refer to:

Use of USO FX to upload files securely /
use of Encryption with s2s  to encrypt files.

DfE's Secure Access portal:

School to School s2s login page (note: despite Teachernet no longer being available, the s2s system is still available but via the DfE's Secure Access portal): https://sa.education.gov.uk/idp/Authn/UserPassword

DFE data security guidance for schools on using School to School (S2S) website (also see "Use of USO-Fx..." above explaining when you must encrypt files before using s2s)

via the DfE's Secure Access portal): https://sa.education.gov.uk/idp/Authn/UserPassword however for COLLECT Familiarisation Information can be found under the appropriate collection's page
(e.g. see Privacy Notices and GDPR - every school is responsible for ensuring that (GDPR-compliant) Privacy Notices have been issued to all the Parents/Carers of all pupils (pupil version) and to all staff working at the school, even the agency teaching staff (if expected to work for least 4 weeks in the same post).

The DfE's guidance on this is available at:

S2S (School to School)

Link to guidance notes.

Unique Pupil Number (UPN):
DfE revised guidance for schools on use of UPNs

Unique Learner Number (ULN):

DfE guidance for schools on ULNs (not UPNs) being an extract from ICES bulletin 63 (May 2013)

The 'Get Information About Schools' system (which has replaced the DfE's Edubase site) and schools' duty to keep it up-to-date (school-specific details used and published by DfE, which schools must keep up-to-date)

KeyToSuccess (for Schools) via the DfE's Secure Access portal: https://sa.education.gov.uk/idp/Authn/UserPassword however for LA level login this is done via EAS instead at: https://www.keytosuccess.education.gov.uk/

Pupil Premium

http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/pupilsupport/premium and Each July's (from 2013) list schools need to download and KeyToSuccess2013julyDownload information.