Best Bar None 2022/23 Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. The London Borough of Tower Hamlets (“LBTH”) reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions if deemed necessary but will remain within the spirit of the published criteria terms & conditions.

2. The Assessors' visit is designed to verify the details on the application form and to carry out an inspection based on pre-set criteria. Applicants must make themselves and their premises available for inspection on the date agreed with the Assessors.

3. The first part of a Best Bar None (“BBN”) assessment is the assumption operators are aware of and working within; the times, licensable activities and conditions of the premises licence for the premises. If the assessor is not satisfied of this, the remainder of the assessment will not take place.

4. The assessors of the awards cannot accept responsibility for the validity of claims made by applicants, although care will be taken to verify details provided.

5. ‘Accredited' means the Premises is deemed to have satisfied the minimum standards laid down by the Best Bar None Scheme (“Scheme”) and can display the accreditation in the premises that is the subject of the accreditation.

 6. Application forms must be completed and returned to:

Licensing and Safety Team

Environmental Health & Trading Standards

Place Directorate

2nd Floor, Mulberry Place

5 Clove Crescent


E14 2BG 

Or scanned and emailed to

7. Applicants for Best Bar None Accreditation must be able to demonstrate good compliance with statutory obligations.  To ensure this applications will be reviewed for any existing issues concerning compliance with statutory obligations, these include but are not limited to formal action such as prosecutions, simple cautions, police warnings, premises licence reviews, and ongoing complaints (of any nature) relating to the operation of the premises. LBTH reserves the right to decline or put on hold applications where it has concerns that statutory obligations have not been met.

8. Applicants for the Best Bar None (BBN) scheme must be Broadly Compliant in relation to Food Hygiene and Standards Inspections, and have achieved a score of 4 or more under the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS).  However LBTH may use its discretion in certain cases to allow premises who have not achieved this to improve their score before assessment.  This will be done on a case by case basis but applicants are expected to demonstrate that they are actively seeking to improve their FHRS score.

9. The application form and all supporting material will become the property of LBTH.

10. All material submitted will be kept and treated in compliance with Data Protection Legislation.

11. Each premises can enter one category only.  Premises with multiple capacities shall register their premises under their primary capacity.  For example; a restaurant with a bar with enter as a restaurant and a hotel with a bar and restaurant will enter as a hotel. 

12. Premises that achieve accreditation do not grant them immunity from prosecution for any offences, or a review of their licence, and is no guarantee of the safety of the premises.


13. The application period for 2021/22 the Best Bar None accreditation starts from 1st September and ends on the 28th February 2022.

14. Best Bar None accreditation shall be valid for the period beginning date stated on the assessment and will end on 31st March following year. 

Late Night Levy Qualification Reduction Eligibility

15. All Best Bar None accredited venues are entitled to 30 per cent off reduction of the Late Night Levy charge.

16. The Late Night Levy is payable due on the same date of as the Licence Annual Fee, which is the date the Premises licence was issued (this is stated on the bottom of the first page of the Premises Licence).

17. To qualify for the Late Night Levy Reduction discount for the Annual Fee Year 2022/23 the Premises must have received their accreditation before 1st April 2022.


18. Accredited premises Names and Addresses may be added to the Council’s website to identify those premises in the Borough that have achieved Best Bar None Accreditation.

19. A list of Accredited premises Names and Addresses may be passed to the Best Bar None National Award Scheme.


20. The “Assessor(s)” means any representative appointed by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to carry out assessments under the Scheme.

21. “Premises” means any premises seeking an award under the Best Bar None Scheme in the area covered by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.