Prevent Education Resources

Prevent Triangle of Intervention

The aim of Prevent is to prevent people being drawn into violent extremism. It is a safeguarding issue and safeguarding people from radicalisation is no different from safeguarding them from other forms of harm.

Since 2012, it has been required by law for teachers "not to undermine fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect, and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs."

In Tower Hamlets we take the view that the Prevent agenda is a continuation of the good work schools already do in promoting tolerance, diversity and individual liberty. Therefore, the subject matter that can be discussed in schools should not be limited to radicalisation and extremism, and may well include topics that range from prejudice in general to e-safety. What is essential is that young people can discuss controversial issues in a safe environment and that they are encouraged to be critical thinkers.

Please read our Understanding Tower Hamlets' Prevent Guidance for Schools to learn more. 

Lessons and assemblies

For further information and guidance on how to plan lessons and assemblies around Prevent and additional resources advising staff on how to embed British values in the curriculum, including policy advice around Prevent in schools, please use the following links:

  • Educate against hate - advice and resources for schools on safeguarding students from radicalisation, building resilience to extremism, and promoting shared values

  • Going too far – resources for teachers including lesson plans, videos and information on online safety.

  • Safeguarding resources – online resource portal where you can filter by topic, key stage and audience

  • Fake news – resources to promote critical thinking online

  • Safe policies – updated templates for school policies and acceptable use policy for Sept 2020

  • BBC Bitesize – BBC fact or fake campaign 

Funded Projects for Schools – Free

We fund three different project providers to deliver free workshops to students and teachers in Tower Hamlets. Each project provider is able to offer virtual and alternative modes of delivery in light of coronavirus. Please contact the project providers for more information and to discuss your needs. 


Deliver workshops that deal with violent extremism but also tackle issues relating to gang/knife crime. These sessions can be run with Primary or Secondary students and are highly recommended. Contact Clio Carpenter from St Giles Trust



Deliver sessions to students at Primary or Secondary school that develop young peoples’ critical thinking skills by exploring:

  • stereotypes,
  • misinformation,
  • bias and propaganda.

They can also provide training to staff on how to discuss controversial issues.



Drama based workshops which explore how young men can explore masculinities in a healthy way. Funded due to potential links between extremism and masculinity in young men.



Chain Reaction are currently running a project called ‘Girls supporting girls’ which aims to empower and inspire teenage girls. Sessions include workshops for Secondary pupils.


Useful contact

For more information please contact the Prevent  Education Officer:

Ellie Knight