Air quality

Our aim is to maintain the air, land and water in the borough to the highest possible quality. This is done by monitoring the environment, controlling the release of pollution, giving advice and by taking action against those who pollute.

In December 2000, an Air Quality Management Area was set up to cover the borough by the Health and Environment section of Tower Hamlets, due to the National health based objectives for the pollutants nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and small particles (PM10) not being met in some parts of the borough. This means that the air across the Borough is constantly monitored to identify the levels of pollution.

The Majority of the air pollution in Tower Hamlets comes from vehicle emissions. Other important sources of air pollution are from onsite energy generation, central heating systems and construction sites.

We have monitoring stations at locations around the borough where levels of fine dust particles and other pollutants are continually recorded.

Tower Hamlets operate 4 monitoring stations in the borough. These are located at Mile End, Blackwall Tunnel Approach, Victoria Park and Millwall Park. They measure pollutants in real time which means that the pollution levels are constantly being measured and the results recorded. See below for a summary of the current pollution levels.

The results of this monitoring are published in near real time online. To view data from these monitoring stations, visit the Air Quality England website.

Low exposure route map

Use the map to find routes that have a low exposure to pollution when walking or cycling.