Walk Tower Hamlets

Walk Tower Hamlets is our local scheme of FREE wellbeing walks. There are six weekly walking groups across the borough. All based at a local health centre or community centre.

Their walks usually last about 60 to 90 minutes ending back at the centre. Some of the groups also go further afield with monthly walks using the DLR to explore alternative destinations.

A weekly wellbeing walk can be a good way to get regular exercise, meet new people and explore the borough. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner – all levels of walking ability are welcome. There is a good chance you’ll make new friends as you walk together.


Weekly walks schedule

Zacchaeus Project, Bethnal Green Methodist Church, Approach Road, E2 9JP (over 50s)

Time: Mondays 10.30am-midday
Contact: Debbie Brady on 020 8983 1568 or zpinfo@mcth.org.uk

St Stephen’s Health Centre, William Place, off Roman Road, E3 5ED

Time: Tuesdays, 10-11.30am
Contact: Valerie Sheekey on 07941 800 694

Harford Centre, 115 Harford Street, E1 4FG

Time: Tuesdays, 11.30am-1pm

Contact: Khalida Maleque on 020 7780 3113 or khalida.maleque@oceanregeneration.org.uk

Watts Grove (meeting outside the Lighthouse Baptist Church), 135 Devons Road, E3 3QX

Time: Thursdays, 10-11.30am
Contact: Naseema Begum on 07939 586 955 or naseema_begum77@hotmail.com

Bethnal Green Library, Bethnal Green Gardens, Cambridge Heath Road, E2 0HL

Time: Thursdays, 11.30am-1pm
Contact: Anne Ambrose on 07762 473 665 or anne.ambrose@btinternet.com
Mike Beauchamp on 07941 538 691 or mikeabeauchamp@hotmail.com

The Limehouse Practice, Gill Street, E14 8HQ

Time: Thursdays, 1.30-3pm
Contact: Nick Nickleton-Kumordjie on 07720 891 246 or nyckletyns@gmail.com.

If you're interested in joining any of the groups please contact the walk leader in advance of your first walk. This is so they know to look out for you and also to double-check the arrangements for meeting up (as occasionally these change). At your first walk, you’ll need to complete a brief registration form. Sessions are all free.

Find out more about the wellbeing walks in Tower Hamlets.

For more information on walking in Tower Hamlets, or to volunteer to help lead a local walking group (training provided), contact

Graham Barker
Tel: 07919 221 806
Email: graham@walkeast.org 



Tower Hamlets Health Walks Programme

The Tower Hamlets Health Walks programme is known as Walk Tower Hamlets. There are currently eight walking groups across the Borough, all based at local health or community centres. These weekly walks typically last about 60-90 minutes, ending back at the centre, and some of the groups also have monthly walks using the DLR to explore further afield.

Why walk?

Walking regularly is a simple, accessible way to get some exercise and enhance your health. It's free, easy to do and provides many health benefits. For example, it can help you control your weight, and reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, stroke and high blood pressure. It’s also a great way to relieve stress, become more confident in exploring the neighbourhood, and meet new friends. Walking is the cheapest, most environmentally friendly means of getting around. If you live in the Tower Hamlets area, you may well be surprised by how easily and quickly you can walk around. In fact it’s often as quick to walk as it is to catch a bus or sit in traffic in your car.

To find walking directions visit Walkit. You can also increase the time you're willing to walk for by using the TfL Journey Planner.

walkingHow much?

For good health and wellbeing adults should aim for 30 minutes of activity (including walking briskly) on 5 days a week. Children should undertake 60 minutes of activity a day.

How fast?

Walking briskly means walking at a pace where you're a little out of breath but can still hold a conversation, but you couldn't sing a song!

Walking at a good pace most people will cover at least 1.5miles in 30 minutes.

How many calories?

Everybody is different and calories burned depends upon your walking speed, the terrain, your weight, metabolism and a number of other factors but walking a mile will burn off around 100 calories.

walkingWalking further afield in London

London has a great variety of walks that you can do in your leisure time.

The London LOOP is almost like an M25 for walkers, but much more scenic. The Capital Ring is a surprisingly green inner circle of London. Both paths are broken into short stages all accessible by public transport.

Taking in Tower Hamlets are also the Lea Valley Walk, Jubilee Greenway and the Thames Path. Free maps and directions for all of these routes can be downloaded from Walk London, though the routes are mainly well waymarked.


  • Walk Unlimited - national walking organisation
  • Walk London - oversees the Strategic London Walking Routes
  • The Ramblers - national walking organisation, campaigns and group walks
  • Living Streets - national walking organisation campaigning for better walking environment and organising workplace walking
  • Walk East - a social enterprise in Tower Hamlets offering photo-walks, heritage walks and other walk-based projects to local residents and community groups
  • Walking Britain - 20,000+ pages of free walks to download, photos, maps, accommodation and equipment.
  • National Trail - long distance footpaths and bridleways in England and Wales, administered by Natural England.