Parking renewals

The recent change to resident parking permit terms and conditions on 1 September 2020 has been put on hold for further review. Your permit will be valid all day in the zone that you live in and up to three hours in any other zone from the time that you first park.

Permit renewals

If your permit was issued before 27 November 2019, then you will need to apply for a new permit after it expires. There will be a 7 day grace period after the expiry date of your permit.

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Annual parking report

The Tower Hamlets Annual Parking Report covers our parking enforcement activity for the year as well as other work undertaken by our Parking Services.

We try to include as much useful information as possible in our reports, including statistics, our achievements and the wider role that our service plays in the borough for residents, visitors and all customers.

We hope that the reports show our commitment to providing a quality service to our customers and stakeholders and demonstrates that we value customer feedback and seek to improve our service.

Our aim is still to be a flagship in service delivery by using the newest technology, being customerfocussed,transparent, robust in enforcement and efficient in overall service provision. If you have any comments on this report, please let us know. We hope that you find the reports informative and interesting.