The taxicard scheme

The taxicard scheme offers reduced fares in black cabs for people who have a long term or permanent illness or disability, which prevents them from using or significantly limits their use of public transport.

The cabs in the scheme carry ramps and are accessible to wheelchair user. Please note that the scheme is not available to people who suffer temporary disabilities, for example a broken leg.

The taxicard may be used for any type of journey, for example shopping, visiting friends, GP appointments, but should not be used for hospital appointments, for which the health authority should provide transport. Found out more about taxicards.

Changes to the taxicard scheme during the coronavirus pandemic

London Councils are contacting members of the Taxicard scheme via text message or letters with changes to the Taxicard scheme.

The rules for the taxicard have been relaxed to 

  • allow Taxicard drivers to pick up and deliver essential supplies for you; and
  • allow friends and family to travel on your behalf using your Taxicard for the same purpose.

You can use your Taxicard for the collection of items pre-bought online or over the telephone with a supermarket, pharmacy, take away etc. Simply contact the Taxicard booking line and inform them that you'd like your items collected. You will need to provide your order number and the details of where you'd like your items collected from.

Taxi drivers are unable to pay for your items for you, so they must be pre-paid.

You can also make a booking for someone to use a taxi to shop on your behalf. Simply contact the Taxicard booking line and inform them of where the person is to be picked up from and where they will be travelling to.

At the time of the booking, you will be given the cost for the journey and what your contribution will be. This will have to bepaid for at the time of booking, using a credit or debit card.

Find out more on the London Councils website.


For each trip you take in a cab with your taxicard, you will have to pay the first £1.50. The council will then pay up to £10.30. If the trip costs more than the total of these amounts - £11.80 - you will have to pay the extra. In other words, you will have to pay anything over £11.80, plus another £1.50. If you wish to tip the driver this will have to be paid for by you.

All Taxicard holders must be ordinarily resident in Tower Hamlets

Automatic eligibility

You are automatically eligible for a Taxicard if you:

  • are registered blind - confirmed by CVI form or LBTH registration letter
  • receive the higher rate mobility component of disability living allowance - confirmed by a current award letter
  • receive a war pensioner's mobility supplement - confirmed by a current award letter

Assessed eligibility

All other applicants are assessed.

Once you have been assessed as eligible, or if you are automatically eligible, we will then need to assess which banding you are entitled to. This is currently under review.

Taxicard banding system

In Tower Hamlets, there are four Taxicard bands:

  • Band 1 gives up to four journeys a month
  • Band 2 gives up to eight journeys a month
  • Band 3 gives up to twelve journeys a month
  • Band 4 gives up to sixteen journeys a month

The band you are awarded is determined under LBTH criteria.

Any unused journeys can be carried forward for use in subsequent months.

How to Apply

To apply for a taxicard you must fill out the application form and send to the address outlined on the form along with the required supporting documents.

If you have any taxicard queries then please contact us using our online form.

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