Non-dependant deductions

Adults who live with a person claiming Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction (other than the claimants partner) known as “non dependants” the following deductions will be made from their Housing Benefit.

Separate deductions are applied to both Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction and the amount deducted depends on the non-dependant’s income.

The non-dependant deductions to be applied to Housing Benefit are shown in the table below:

Non-dependant deductions
Weekly gross income£ per week
£451 or more  100.65 
Between £363 and £450.99  91.70 
Between £272 and £362.99  80.55 
Between £209 and £271.99  49.20 
Between £143 and £208.99  35.85 
Under £143  15.60 
Other circumstances where a deduction is made  15.60 


No deductions
No deduction made £ per week 
Aged under 25 and on income support or income-based jobseeker's allowance Nil
Aged under 25 and on income-related employment and support allowance (assessment phase)  Nil
Aged under 25, on universal credit and with no earned income  Nil
Aged under 18  Nil
In receipt of pension credit  Nil
In hospital for 52 weeks or more  Nil
In prison  Nil
Receives a youth training allowance  Nil


 There is no deduction for non-dependants when the claimant or their partner is either:

  • registered blind or
  • gets Attendance Allowance or
  • gets the care component of Disability Living Allowance /Personal Independence Payment for themselves or their partner